Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Natur Ginseng Conditioner

Hi all! I've been using this conditioner on and off lately. It was a part of Natur pack that I get. Apparently Natur have 2 types of conditioner, Olive and Ginseng.

Mine is ginseng which not really scented as strong ginseng. The white cream is not thick, I use it after washing my hair and only on middle part of my hair all the way to the ends. For me it provide a light protection against dryness, but it is still better than some other products with the same price. My hair do feels soft when rinse, but I still need serums for the end of the hair before blow drying.

I can't say that I feel and see a significant result as a product that lessens the hair fall, so far it's just a normal daily conditioner.

Price: Budget
Quality: Above the price (so, pretty good compared to other conditioner fellas on the same budget range)

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