Friday, October 14, 2011

Signature Make Up Lesson by Kai Vinson of Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Indonesia in Pacific Place is having a guess from overseas. His name is Kai Vinson, an International Makeup Artist of Bobbi Brown assigned for Asia.

This newly opened branch Bobbi Brown is the second in Indonesia. Located in Metro.

For me Bobbi Brown is well known for her natural look where her philosophy is every women is beautiful and the make up is only to enhance the natural beauty.

The new look now is natural glow, radiance and naturally gorgeous where the emphasis is on the skin.

The event is restricted by invitation only and each guess go home with a goody bag from Bobbi Brown and Cleo and Grazia. Thank you Cleo Indonesia (Ms. Pamela) for inviting me.

The guess are starting to fill up the room, every Rp.500.000 purchasing will entitled the guess for a free makeover.

Mr. Kai is here with Ms. Nadya (MC) explaining some of Bobbi Brown's makeup including tips, such as finding your perfect mascara according to your lashes, how to create a sexy pouts, which color suits you best, etc.

Then it's time to show his skin with this lovely model. Objection! She is already so pretty, next time please have a model from the guess.

She is using the wonderful base (will deliberate on my next post) that brings out a healthy radiant skin.

It was over within 5 minutes, so fast! According to Kai, makeup shouldn't be a hassle, it's should be easy, simple and looks natural.

Me and Ms. Nadya, she looks exotic ^__^ oh and I have a picture taken with Mr. Kai too, but it's for personal view heehee.

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