Monday, October 10, 2011

Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo by L'Oreal Professionnel

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A clean sweep for hair and scalp. The purifying aqua crystal formulation, incorporating Citramine, lifts residue and product build-up and rinses away hard-water residues. With the ability to deliver a hydro-lipidic film, this multi-tasking shampoo leaves the scalp feeling clean, nourished and protected.

My review:
The minute I read Citramine, I figured it got something to do with citrus . . . I'm wrong! The scent is lavender alright and I'm loving it! I do have a crave for anything lavender.

The clear gel is easy to lather up on a wet hair, I always work them out on my palms first with water before applying on my wet hair. Against other 'detox' shampoo I've used this one doesn't create a strong reaction like stripping off the moisture out of my hair and no squeaky feeling. I love this kind of deep cleansing but still giving my hair moisture.

I also love the fact that the product actually work, the sebum on the scalp are reduced and feels clean longer. Usually waking up in the morning my hair already limp and on the scalp look a bit oily, after using Pure Resource Citramine Shampoo, on the next day, my scalp and hair still have airy effect and less oils on the scalp.

I'm not using the shampoo on daily basis, more like every 3 days or so, and I'm focusing on my scalp and hair near the roots, while the rest with shampoo for colored hair or shampoo for dry hair. Yes, I'm using 2 shampoos every single day since I have different conditions need to be made. And normally I have 7-9 different shampoos in my bathroom. For deep cleansing (like Pure Resource), for when I need volume, for shine, nourishment, moisture, etc. Also never forget to put on conditioner, tonic/scalp serum, hair serum, hair mist/protector accordingly, why? You need a series of regimen from cleansing to protecting the hair that suitable for your hair and scalp needs, for a healthy hair and scalp. How do you know a product really work out for you? Observe!

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