Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pure Smile Aloe Essence Mask

I'm trying Pure Smile, a brand and product from Japan (but made in Korea), my husband brings a pile of skincare and cosmetic for me, thank you so much hubby ^___^

Okay back to the product, I bet most of you have tried paper mask, in fact nowadays there's been so many face mask in the market that we are starting to get confuse of which to try on. My advise is always on quality and assurance. Get those reputable brand or at least with good standard.

But if cooling is all what you're looking for, there's plenty of that on the market. The one that you need to be careful is the one that actually exfoliating your skin. Especially whitening mask. Be careful for that one, you don't want ended up looking like red angry crab a day after from irritation.

My suggestion in trying an unknown brand is: always looking for those selling hydration, moisture, cooling, relaxing, kinda stuff. Like this one. Since they cause less problem (less doesn't meant not at all, so still be careful)

The scent is delicate and I like it. But for me it provide no more that moisture and cooling effect, using this product in a hot days is a relaxation alright. But don't expect something more than relaxation and a calm looking face. Budget wise? This product actually does what it said. Moisturizing/Relaxing/Soothing ^___^

Thank you so much for your comment Paula ^__^

I'm sorry, I'm so used to many beauty products but that doesn't meant I give only half the explanation.

How to use it:

Clean your face from makeup and any daily debris. Using any cleanser you like and own. Then open the packaging and you got this kinda gooey looking face mask. Gently unfold and put it on your face, doesn't matter which side it is, they are practically the same. Relaxed for about 15 minutes (you can do it more if you have time) maybe 30 minutes would be nice. Then take it off. You'll find the face still quite 'wet' from the liquid, massage it gently until fully absorb then continue with moisturizer then followed with the rest of your routine.

A more complete set would be, cleansing, scrubbing, toner, serum, mask, then moisturizer. This you can do once a week.

For me, since there are still leftovers at the packaging and the mask, I squeeze the liquid out and massage it on my body. I just don't like anything go to waste.



  1. I have a question. I live in Okinawa, Japan. I just found out about this product and have heard good things. Since i don't read or speak Japanese, I was wanting to know how it works. What r the steps?

  2. Thank you so much Paula for your comment, kindly read the post again and I added more details for you :)

    Btw, Okinawa, wow! You live in an island that's so famous for longevity :)