Monday, October 3, 2011

Lancome Hydra Zen Neocalm and Hydra Zen Cream Gel

Introducing two of Lancome favorite products called:
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Detoxifying Moisturizing

Multi-Relief Anti-Stress

Gel Essence

Emotional and environmental stresses have a negative effect on skin's barrier function, on hydration and hinder its natural defense system, leaving skin feeling uncomfortable.
Hydra Zen is designed to hydrate and soothe skin, and help protect it from the stresses of our daily environnement (emotional and environnmental stress, pollution, lack of sleep), leaving it feeling irresistibly soft and supple.

Lancôme's new botanical NEOCALM™ complex, combined with White Jasmine extract, improves skin resilience.

Hydra Zen Gel Essence contains Long Dan Cao* roots extract, reknown in Traditional Chinese medecine for its detoxifying properties. Skin is deeply hydrated, feels purified and detoxified. Soft and smooth, skin looks refined. Complexion looks pristine. 24 hour ideal comfort hydration.

*Gentiana Lutea


Extrême Soothing Moisturizing Cream-Gel

External aggessors, emotional tension and tiredness stresses the skin. It tends to deshydrate and to be more sensitive; redness appear. The skin becomes uncomfortable.
The most complete Hydra Zen soothing action, to instantly relieve stressed skin, even the most sensitive.
For the first time, NeuroCalm™ complex is associated with an extract of Centella Asiatica - a precious botanical with high potency scientifically proven soothing action - to simulaneously act* on 4 key discomfort messengers and unbind skin from stress.
Intense hydration, immediately and for 24H: enriched with moisturizing agents this cream-gel continuously infuses the skin with intense moisture and helps maintain an optimal barrier function. Results: intensely soothed, hydrated for 24H, the skin recovers comfort and suppleness. It is soft and luminous, naturally.
A refreshing, watery oil-free texture for a unique sensorial experience: the comfort of a cream, the delicate lightness of a gel. Ideal for warm season.

*In-vitro tests

My review:

The Gel Essence clear thick fluid glide super easy on my clean and tones skin. The essence feels like their in a second home. No allergy reaction or anything. It provide moisture and feels, well, comfortable in a way that I don't know how to explain. It's really feel like the essence belong to my skin. I never feels like this for a serum before, usually even thou' it is small there's still there some kind of reaction from my skin, this one feels like my skin just drank it all up and immediately the essence become part of my skin.

Now the Cream Gel. It's like a bunch of roses just squeezed and extracted captured in the bottle. I'm not really a fan of the scent that feels a bit sour but the pinkish cream gel is look so precious. Using it was pleasant too. The essence and cream gel work side by side creating a luminous skin burst with hydration and suppleness. I use it last night as my night cream and waking up the skin still feels comfortable, not oily, rejuvenate and so happy with the radiance it bring.

My verdict: You'll easily fall in love with this milky pink cream gel which feels soft and luxurious. The calm it brings reduce allergy and redness in a quick way. Stress, pollution, and all those bad habit from losing sleep also will not be visible on your face thanks to these two.  May I say Dynamic Duo?

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