Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Natrulift Firming Serum by The Body Shop

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A lightweight pre-moisturising serum that maintains optimum moisture levels, leaving skin feeling conditioned and soft. Regular use hydrates and improves firmness and elasticity.

- Pomegranate extract, Community Fair Trade honey, apple extract, cesalpinia spinosa extract (tara) and avena strigosa seed extract (from black oats).

My review:
The Serum is watery and indeed feels light on my skin, you can do the massaging technique until they are fully absorbed. Using upward circular motion and don't forget to ask the staff in the store how to do it in a proper way or better, join the beauty class.

The serum light texture smells a bit fruity and a lot like cosmetics, perhaps it's the packaging, but the apple, honey and pomegranate is there alright. I can't say I feel an immediate effect, so this review only based on the first try. Moist, hydration is all I can feel. TBS made this for 40+. Recommended use at least 1 week to see/feel the difference.

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