Friday, October 21, 2011

A Day with Shu Uemura

Yesterday, I went to Shu Uemura's counter in Seibu, Grand Indonesia.

Looking at the two tone counter where that side is black and white, while the other half is colorful.

Skincare range, do you know that Shu Uemura's is famous for his Skincare Makeup too? Deepsea water is infused in every makeup where they are not just beautiful, safe, practical and user friendly, in a way the makeup range are benefit to ones skin as well.

His input for the makeup world. Shu Uemura is a makeup artist alright, a world-class artist. Where beauty defines in art.

Do I still to put some words on the lashes? Tokyo Lash Bar!

Okay, now, why am I here? I'm here to introduce you all of what you can get just by coming to the counter. Yes, don't be afraid of a very classy looking counter, step in and be amazed by the wonderful world of beauty in Shu Uemura's world. Everyone can just come and take a look around. The staff will take your hand and explain, everything you need to know regarding Shu's.

For me? I started with a makeover. A beauty makeup makeover.

Using a makeup always begin with a clean face. Start with the famous no.1 cleansing oil in the world, followed by DeepSea Water Facial Mist, Red:Juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion, Red:Juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate and UV Armor. Hmm, how come there's no moisturizer?

Then we moved on to the base ^__^ Oohhhh the Mousse is here. UV Under Base Mousse, where the texture is seriously loved and must have! Followed by Face Architect Foundations, Face Powder Matte, and the one with pinkish tone for a brighter complexion. 

Then it's time to color and let the artist do his magic.

With the Eye Curler, Lash Glue, Eye Shadows, Hard Formula, Eye Liner, Pallets where colors combine in my face, creating a theme. Shu Uemura emphasis on architecture, where our bone is the structure and the makeup enhancing what nature (or surgery) has given to us.

This is my before look, after using the base, start of coloring and after.

The whole process took almost 2 hours but the result is what Mr. Hendrix called as Nova Diva.

This is me and Mr. Hendrix, the makeup artist in Shu Uemura's Seibu, Grand Indonesia. He knows a lot about Shu's and why don't you come here, have a chat with him and he'll help you around with the products, tips and makeover too.

Call 021-23580138 to make an appointment ^___^ and enjoy your day with Shu Uemura, I know I did.