Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gelee Cashmere by L'Oreal Professionnel

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Hair type:

Transparent smooth gelee to soften and smooth thick hair for a shiny definition

Application/How to use:
Work a hazelnut-sized amount of product into hands and apply to clean, towel-dried hair before blow-drying. Can be applied section by section to dry hair for enhanced shine.

Serum Gel

My review:

The clear gel was really thick, I found the texture quite entertaining ^___^
I use the product on a clean damp hair (after shampooing+conditioner, towel dry) and put a hazelnut -sized amount of boingy clear gel on my hand, it is so cute, then work it out on my palm which they'll melt so easily and better in application, I just use my fingers to spread it all over my hair start from the middle part all the way to the end. After that, I blow dry my hair. The result is less frizz, well almost no frizz at all, better shine, no volume (so the product do explain itself as reducer of volume), so for me it's kinda flat.

Take note my hair already through a smoothing process, so they are already loose the volume. But I can still use the product whenever I'm in the mood for a sleek look.

My verdict:
Those who have massive/big hair, will love Gelee Cashmere, it reduce volume for a more 'neat' look that shines and controllable.


  1. hi nanya donk, kalo di indo belinya dimana ya?
    hrgnya kisaran berp?
    thank you..

  2. Hi Anon,

    Bisa dibeli di salon-salon ekslusif yang menjual produk L'Oreal Professionnel, harga sekitar Rp.175.000 (more or less ya)