Tuesday, October 25, 2011

L'Absolu Crème De Brillance by Lancome in Rose Empire

Details from Lancome-USA.com:

Visibly Replenishing and Reshaping Cream Gloss Pro-Xylane™ Concentrated

Details from Lancome.co.uk:

50% caring active ingredients in a replenishing cream gloss.
50% of caring actives in a replenishing cream gloss The first cream Sheen enriched with caring actives : Pro-Xylane™ (10 times more concentrated than L'Absolu Rouge); Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin and Moisture Fix Complex

Caring formula with emblematic colours of L'Absolu Rouge: 9 luminous shades for a homogenous and satiny make up result and intensely smoothed and replenished lips

The combination of care and the make up in a creamy texture.
Pro-Xylane™ and hyaluronic acid for visibly plumped and replenished lips.
Glycerin and Moisture Fix Complex for nourished and smoothed lips, with 10 hours hydration.*

(* instrumental test on 24 women) Apply L’Absolu Crème de Brillance directly to the lips with the applicator and start application from the middle of the upper lip to the outer corner and from the outer corner of the lower lip to the centre.
Apply by dabbing the lips with the fingers for a more natural result.

My review:

This is truly a very moist lipstick, why do I say lipstick? For the coverage and vivid color just like using a lipstick but a fluid one. Very moist and I love the feeling when using it. My lips feels smooth, protected, moist, sexy and fully blushed. I really like how I can simply changed the tone from light pink to dark red with their choices of color.

You can read and see more for the color choices and price ---> HERE!
Will I use the product again? MOST definitely yes! Would you love it? Can't see why not ^___^ The color (and moisture) stay vivid for long wear (more than 8 hours) no, they are not a stay on, so if you swipe them, eating, drinking, or just about anything that touch the surface of the lips it will wear off. But if you stay clear of your lips, L'Absolu Creme De Brillance will not leave you.

Great as a top coat (lipstick then L'Absolu Creme De Brillance) or use it alone. 

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