Friday, October 29, 2010

Liese (Lee-Say) hair treatment and styling product

This is my before look, just usual, after taking a shower, dry with towel and look terribly messy.

I spritz on some Liese Juicy Shower that according to the tag: "Moisturising Hair Mist that is light weight, water based with sweet raspberry scent. Can act as a styling base and quench hair dryness."

I really enjoy the experience of the Raspberry scent, it is lovely, my hair feels pampered. The pump are easy to use, just spray and let the juice come out. It is light and easy to absorb, feels good and I can 'top up' anytime anywhere and every time I done so, I was embraced again by the raspberries.

Then I combed my hair to help spread the Juicy Shower and prepared for the next process.

Flat Iron! Section by section just to help it become straight, I don't want a really straight look, just enough straight with a bit of wave for volume.

Then I applied Liese Clear Cube Wax which said on the label: "Number indicates strongest hair setting power. 06 being the strongest.

Spread pearl size to palm then fingers to style. Provides excellent hold in humid weather!"

Mine is No.3 for standard hold.

Don't forget use it with a clean dry hand!

Then I style, style and style, with my finger tips lubricated by the wax. It is so easy to use and not sticky at all. This is the first time I like to use wax, usually they are sticky, heavy and simply doesn't work, but Lee-Say Clear Cube Wax is awesome. It doesn't stick on my hand, my hair still smooth, manageable, and feels soft.

Ta-da!! I'm done. This is my look with the flash on. I love how it still a natural flow but stay that was for hours and no messy, wonderful!

Liese products available at all Watsons, Guardian, selected super and hyper markets

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

L'Oreal REVITALIFT Stretch Mask

I've been wanting to try on mask that claim to have stretching material that can fit to my face. So I try L'Oreal's. Please do click on the image to see a better view on how to use and ingredients in it.
I want my skin to be firm especially on cheek area, so my laughing lines can be minimize, just like when I'm still 20 years old.
Before use I clean my face with Revitalift Milky Cleansing Foam, that produce a lot of foam, really a lot.

When I opened the packaging of the mask, it got this thick milkish gel that have the same scent like on their milky facial foam. The mask is definitely thicker than other paper mask and better quality since it is stretchable.

Since my face is small than average (people tested for the product) the forehead area need no stretching since it is still over covered. I like the stretch effect for the cheek and can easily help firming those area needed. It fit nicely on my lower facial zone when other paper mask failed miserably. I use it for 15 minutes and massage the residue. It does have a tight feeling aka firming, but until what level is still unknown for me. Does is able to give me a lifting effect so my laughing are look less obvious? Not really. But as far as the skin concern it does look firmer overall.

CLINIQUE all in one colour

Bought it a the beginning of January 2010 during my home leave. The sales person at Terminal 2 say there's no other shade available, so I just abide to:
Long Lasting Lipstick in
Creamy Nude, Pink Peach, Blushing Nude, Party Red, and Pink Berry
Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in
Superpowder Double Face Powder in
Matte Beige
S0ft-Pressed Powder Blusher in
Mocha Pink
High Impact Mascara in
I love how the casing can be double function as mirror but hate how sometime the lower 'drawer' can be a bit hard to open.
Opening the upper case is easy peasy and can close nicely too, there's a mirror inside, so yes 2 'mirrors'.
Overal the colours is natural, soft and again . . . suitable during traveling. But if you need more drama, do add another eye shadows, liner, blush on your own. Beside that, it's good for traveling for being small, handy, and useful.
Take note: there's no waterproof makeup here.

Picture courtesy of Google Search

CLINIQUE High Impact Mascara

I bought it as a pack from travel set at the airport. It's small and very handy. Love the deep black color, like a drama queen on the making. It doesn't gives me any other effect such as lengthening nor strengthening, etc. Juts a plain very black mascara that's not that waterproof too. Whenever I'm sweating the lashes seems falling apart too. So I use it for my eye brows, they are great for brows. Suitable for major emergency for it's handy size and better than looking plain.The big brush come in handy for me.

How to clean: I always use cleansing oil for mascara either waterproof or not since it can conditions my lashes too and feels better than foam.

Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Pore Refining Peel

In the commercial, just 5 minutes and wipe this thin cream up it all it takes, really?
My review:
I apply the thin cream onto my clean dry skin wait until 5 minutes pass.....then 10 minutes for the layer to be half dry, massage them softly and yup many skin cells coming out and reveal the layer of skin under it that sthoul be better. But the result to help refining the pores tooks time and not instant (in my case).
The good news is just like any other Neutrogena product you can be sure of the high quality in ingredients and safety standart. Not creating allergy or problems. My husband also use it to help his scars and past problems but after using it for months we still haven't see dramatic effect. I think the product is suitable for normal skin to achieve better condition and we do know once the skin is peeled any other products like serum, moisturizer, etc can be absorbed better.

Bio Essence Bust Firming Boosting Cream

I've been having this product for quite sometime. The cream is thick, white pearly colour, fragrant (but not overwhelming) pretty easy to use and absorbed. But I don't see any significant effect after using it continuosly for weeks, now it is half full and I stopped using the product.

So far I have not experienced any discomfort, allergy or redness when using the product. The skin do become softer and smooth but for firming and boosting effect I can't say I experience it.
While using the product massaging is seems important and I do, I massage the area well until the cream is fully absorbed twice daily.

you have to use it until finished to see or feel a firming and boosting effect.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Winners of Liese (Lee-zay) Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum

The Winners of the giveaway sponsored by Liese is here ❀◕‿◕❀

How I picked the winner:
I write each names on the paper, all same sizes, put them in a bottle and shake it, one by one it will come out and voila! I got my winners, picture is uploaded on the Facebook too, so you gotta add me on facebook.

They are:
Christy - Orange
Adeline - Orange
SweetSnuggle - Orange

Grace - Green
Slowbrogal - Green

Can the winners please drop me an email of their address so I can send these wonderful gifts.

I'll wait for a week and if the prizes remain unclaimed o(╥﹏╥)o I'll pick another winner.

Do not forget, winners please leave a comment here about their review of the winning product (after receiving).

Thank you. ✿◕‿◕✿

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask

Thanks to TheSampleStore, I can try Hada Labo Mask that claim to be super hyaluronic acid that hydrating.

It is said on the packaging that it contains advanced skin hydrating ingredients - Super Hyaluronic Acid which twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid. Replenish essential moisture to visibly improve skin texture and prevent dryness so skin stays soft, hydrated and supple.

No fragrances, minerals oil and colorant. So those which afraid of allergy, fret not, they reduced the cause significantly.

My review:

The gel that firmly surrounding the mask feels thicker than any Hyaluronic Acid mask that I know. I do think they need to improve the quality and the shape of the mask for better fit. After 20-30 minutes the mask feels tight and I let it go, massage the remaining essence until fully absorbed. The skin feels bouncy, moist and hydrated.

Take note their main purpose is hydrating and so by that I also didn't see any other effect such as brightening, whitening, firming, etc.

Suitable to be used anytime, especially on a hot day like today ^_^

Best Mouthwash for that TOTAL clean Effect

I've used Listerine like almost 10 years now and for me the power of the alcohol can be overwhelming and the clean sensation never last long enough......until now!

The new Listerine, comes in purple color, is so powerful that I can still feel the clean effect up to 12 hours, and I meant clean is really clean feeling and fresh breath when most of the other brand and even Listerine other product can only survive up to 2 hours. I'm not talking about test result or anything, just the feeling of that cleanness inside my mouth. My partner also feel the same and would never go back nor find another mouthwash as long as we have Listerine purple. Or perhaps until there's a product with more benefit and effect.

Waking up in the morning after last night using Listerine Purple is the best feeling I can get

Join their promo and get a sample yourself at


Sunsilk Shampoo

About a week ago after joining the cause in Facebook page for Sunsilk, I received the sample of Sunsilk that enough to be used for 2 weeks.

Recently Sunsilk just launched their new selection that involved hair care experts from different parts of the world according to their specialties.

As I used Sunsilk before, I'm not really keen since for me their quality is so-so, but I can't complain since they are on budget-friendly price.

This is the product that was given for me ' reduce hair friction." Overall I found no negative nor positive side on using the product. The scent gone the minute I leave the shower and I found my hair is clean but for the straight effect I can say, I found no difference than other product for normal hair. Perhaps when I use all the products in their range it will show some significant effect.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Corrective Serum in action

The above picture and data is from the official website.

This is the product that I got, a sample for one week that promise to deliver firmness in one week.

For me the packaging looks promising and exclusive.

I was told each use is 4 pump (but 2 pumps for normal 30 ml size).

My review:

From the first use I found my skin become smoother, softer and have this soft pearl glow. It easily absorbed by the skin but I have to say it works out better with other Shiseido product, so for the moisturizer it is better to use within the range or at least in the same brand. I found many other moisturizer becomes too rich and heavy on my skin, which usually not if I haven't use Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum.

The serum itself is easy to penetrate and leaves a powdery feminine scent that lingers on for quite a while. The creamy texture is common for product that create a firming effect like this one. One thing that I found as their uniqueness is the soft matte pearly glow that they create. It is a wonderful feeling to see my face in that way.

Suitable for daily use day and or night, depends on your skin need. So far it did help to minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores, or anything that cause the look to be imperfect. If you have a dull, tired, sagging and dry looking skin, you might want to try this serum.

Lancaster Flash Hydration Mask

I love this mask in a jiffy, it gives a fast hydration with a cool tingling effect. The tube said "freshness, suppleness, and radiance".

This mini tube for 15 ml can be used up to 3 times.

The creamy texture is rich and solemn blue color.

Used on a clean face, apply thinly overall and avoid eye and lips. The fresh sensation is amazingly wonderful. Use it for 5 minutes and it boots up the hydration level on my skin. Suitable anywhere you need a cool sensation.

After about 5 minutes, oh you can leave it longer if you want, just wipe it off with a cotton pad (easy isn't it?!) and reveal a hydrated, fresh, more supple and radiance skin.

The cool sensation last for 30 minutes, it gives me an extra boost to face the day. Suitable for traveler, take it anywhere and enjoy a gorgeous skin with a healthy glow on the go.