Thursday, October 28, 2010

L'Oreal REVITALIFT Stretch Mask

I've been wanting to try on mask that claim to have stretching material that can fit to my face. So I try L'Oreal's. Please do click on the image to see a better view on how to use and ingredients in it.
I want my skin to be firm especially on cheek area, so my laughing lines can be minimize, just like when I'm still 20 years old.
Before use I clean my face with Revitalift Milky Cleansing Foam, that produce a lot of foam, really a lot.

When I opened the packaging of the mask, it got this thick milkish gel that have the same scent like on their milky facial foam. The mask is definitely thicker than other paper mask and better quality since it is stretchable.

Since my face is small than average (people tested for the product) the forehead area need no stretching since it is still over covered. I like the stretch effect for the cheek and can easily help firming those area needed. It fit nicely on my lower facial zone when other paper mask failed miserably. I use it for 15 minutes and massage the residue. It does have a tight feeling aka firming, but until what level is still unknown for me. Does is able to give me a lifting effect so my laughing are look less obvious? Not really. But as far as the skin concern it does look firmer overall.

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