Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream with SPF 25/PA++

It was said to be an 8 in 1 that create flawless, natural, nude makeup with charm.

The 8 is nourishment, skin repair, oil control, reduction of wrinkles and lines, concealer, moisturizer, skin whitening and sun block.

Here's my review:

The BB cream is liquid and runny, put in on my hands and it's already run downwards. The texture is light but not very light. Scented and I thought the color didn't really suit my skin tone.

Here is the before an after picture, even thou the texture seems light but it feels heavy on my skin and I must say I'm not a big fan of this product (sorry). It doesn't gives me oil control, instead I feel oily overall. It does conceal many things but the coverage look unnatural for me. So the only good thing I like is SPF 25/PA++. Perhaps my suggestion is try to use as little as you can like a thin layer. And a loose powder afterward is a must.

Suggestion for cleaning is using a makeup remover product or a cleansing oil followed by facial foam.

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