Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best Mouthwash for that TOTAL clean Effect

I've used Listerine like almost 10 years now and for me the power of the alcohol can be overwhelming and the clean sensation never last long enough......until now!

The new Listerine, comes in purple color, is so powerful that I can still feel the clean effect up to 12 hours, and I meant clean is really clean feeling and fresh breath when most of the other brand and even Listerine other product can only survive up to 2 hours. I'm not talking about test result or anything, just the feeling of that cleanness inside my mouth. My partner also feel the same and would never go back nor find another mouthwash as long as we have Listerine purple. Or perhaps until there's a product with more benefit and effect.

Waking up in the morning after last night using Listerine Purple is the best feeling I can get

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