Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Face 2010

On Thursday, 7 October 2010, Clinelle handed me one pair of tickets to join this wonderful event at Takashimaya Square. From 6 PM the queue right near the entrance is long and everyone seems eager to support the contestants.

Everything is nicely done and prepared, many onlookers keep their eyes on the event from all surround the area since it can easily be seen from the floor above.

6.45 PM the guess are filling up the reserved chairs, goodies bags are on every seats, filled with The New Paper, MAC lipgloss and blush on, Clinelle Moisture Booster, Brands Prune Essence, and vouchers.

Seats for invitation from Clinelle's is right next to the stage.

I like the decorations of white and looks sophisticated.

The winners going to get their hands on it.

7.15 PM the show is starting, the lights are adjusted, the judges and all the guess are ready. I can feel the excitement is raising.

The show is ON. Start with shows from these boys, they are dancing so full of energy.

Some girls with costume are coming out from the 2 cars surrounding the stage.

The girls are out, they are showing themself and those long legs....I wish I have long legs. They are all look so pretty and fascinating.

Then they show us the world of Willy Wonka.

These girls are wonderful, their acrobatic skill is a wonderful act to see.

Now when these boys comes many girls are cheering for them, they sure are eye candies.

Then the contestants come out with colorful attire.

Unfortunately, I can't stay until the show end for some personal reason (which I really regret).
Congratulations for the winners:

New Paper New Face: Vivien Ong Bellamy
Innershine Beautiful Eyes:Irina Tan Yi Ting
Miss Popularity: Rachel Erasmus
Miss Levi's: Rachel Mak
Miss Clinelle Happy Skin: Michelle Theseira
All of you are trully beautiful and I hope your inner beauty shines more and more.

The winners picture courtesy of
A big thanks for Clinelle for giving me a pair of tickets to the event.

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