Monday, October 11, 2010

Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum

Today, thanks to Herworld Oct 2010 edition, I can try this new serum on Takashimaya. Appointment only skin check and serum is given. The staff that attend me so nice and pretty, I kept looking at her skin, look smooth.

She sat next to me and bring a skin analysis tool.

First she put it on the inside of my elbow where she said a healthy skin normally at. The picture above shows hoe moist and the shape is triangular. It means good ☻.

Then she put the tools at my outer cheek where it is still good (= hydrated), and the pic above shows my skin at inner cheek (near my nose) where it is congested, means, not good. It shows it need hydration and de-clog-ing. She suggested I scrub my face once a week for the problem. But I kinda think I need more, especially for my blackhead.....yucks!

This is the tool that I'm talking about that connected to the screen.

This is the piece of card I have to bring from HerWorld magazine Oct 2010 edition to Shiseido counter.

I got a 9 ml sample of Bio Performance Super Corrective Serum, it looks so exclusive.

This is the rest of the range of Bio Performance, beside the serums, they also have the hydrating cream and for wrinkles.

I'm not allowed to take picture of the product, so this is the texture and color or the hydrating cream. Kinda pinkish cream comes gel when it touches the skin, it easily spread. Smell like Nivea creme. It is hydrating but for me it takes time to completely absorbed.

You can click on each photo to see it bigger and read more about the product. I will use the serum given for 7 days and upload a before and after picture with my review too, so if you're curious, stay tune.

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