Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Face of the Day

Yesterday as I innocently walks around Wisma Atria thinking that I could just do a window shopping, I was wrong, so wrong that I spend more money on Etude. Another unplanned budget. Well, I kinda need a new compact powder since my Face Shop's are finished and thanks to the ZA promoter that gave me darker shade, I need to mix it with a lighter shade of compact, and so I bought Etude. The brand I used to love almost 10 years ago since the powder gives me that luminous glow.

I was so surprise they got a lot of compact powder now and sadly the staff is clueless about the difference on each of the product, she can only repeat what it said on the tag. She does not know each effect on our face.

Message to the store: Please do educate your staff or at least tell them to use each of the product you have, how come she sell something she doesn't even know.

Review of the product: Like expected, Etude compact powder 'Secret Beam' is so easy to use and gives me that glow that I want. For about $30 it is a good deal. Do take note that it's not a foundation or a two way cake, Secret Beam is a compact powder used after foundation or BB cream. The powder is scented and light, suitable for daily use, or on special occasion you can use after foundation or BB cream for more coverage. It also contain a bit of highlighter.

Then today after Secret Beam, I used All's Good Beauty Powder Blush from MAC. This toasted rose color I thought would be too much, but use a little with a big brush, the result can still be natural, you can also repeat the process for a more dramatic look.

Last but not least is MAC LipGlass in Light That's Fire!. Sticky, and I don't sticky gloss, but the shine is wonderful, and I can use it on top of lipstick. Perfect for night use.


This is me in Secret Beam + MAC, All's Good Beauty Powder Blush + LipGlass Light That's Fire!.

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