Monday, October 11, 2010

Liese Giveaways - Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum

It's finally here! The sponsored giveaway from Liese, a big thank you to them ♥‿♥

I think all of you already aware of these wonderful products, since they have been around for quite some time. But just in case you haven't here's a bit info.

How To Use:
1. Shake well the bottle first so the nourishing water and anti-frizz oil inside can mixed well.
2. Apply hair cocktail to smoothen and nourish hair, please do take note to use it on from the mid to the end of your hair. I'm not recommend it to be used on scalp or even hairs near the scalp.
3. Use like a 10 cents size on your palm, apply it well, spread with a fine comb also works well on me, then if you feel like you need some more add another 10 cents size and so on.

Both of them have a gorgeous smell. Fruity and last about 2 hours (if you are doing normal activity, but if you are exercising and sweating a lot it can be less than 2 hours).

The orange one is peach and prune extract.
The green one is peach and prune extract too but lighter formula.

Why I like these products is because they give my hair a shine and a more healthy look, gorgeous smell, easy to use, very handy, if use correctly it will NOT leave any sticky effect, and it makes my hair look tidier since it got no frizz no more.

please do click on each picture for larger image so you can read the details.

Now here's how you can win one:

1. Be a fan of LieseSG on Facebook. If you already done so? Great!
2. Comment on this post which one of the Hair Cocktail do you want and why?

5 winners will be selected randomly on 25 October 2010. So please do join the giveaway before that date ❀◕‿◕❀

For the winner:
3. After receiving the prize please do comment again with a review about the product you received (latest a week after receiving) in this post, so please do join up if you can be responsible for the review (can be a simple yet clear review, and perhaps some tips too).

That's all, easy right, so join up!

How to Comment?
If you don't have any google id (gmail account = google id), just leave any id you possibly can, if you prefer anonymous, please do put your initial or any name with your comment.

--------------Giveaways are for Singapore Resident Only-------------------

The contest is officially closed now, winner will be picked randomly and announce on this blog ^0^


  1. I did like to try the green one because my friends hve actually been using it & i always wanted to trythe lighter formula first :D

    siying :)

  2. I would love to have the Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum, the one in orange. I tried it once and i was really impressed that its neither oily nor stick at all and it smells so good. I never thought that my hair could smell that nice and it smells really really natural, tho its strong but it doesnt smells like cheap perfume at all. Most importantly, its not oily. I have oily scalp and of course I would want to have long silky hair too but its very very annoying to put on hair moisturizer and after awhile it becomes so oily & sticky that my hair kinda flatten down and have no volume at all, hair without volume is hideous ): But Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum is so different, not only its not oily and ruin your hair for the rest of the day which spoils your mood too it has a wonderful natural fruity smell that stays on for a long time (: I love Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum !! I really hope to get one (: Thank you!

  3. I would like to try the Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum, in green. I did not try any of it Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum before, and my hair can really frizzy. Although trying out some shampoo that would allow my hair from becoming dry, but it seems it didnt work at all. As mention, the green one has a lighter formula, it might be great for my hair. I hope i can try one of Liese's hair cocktail serum in one of these days.
    Thankyou :D

  4. I would like to try the Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum, green in colour. I have frizzy hair, and after trying some shampoo which is for dry, frizzy hair but it seems not working. I have not try any serum before and would like to get my hair on Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum. Before that i heard alot of good comments on it, however i did not have the chance to get it yet. I would like to get the green one as mention in your post it has a lighter formula and it might be good for my hair too. Thakyou (:

  5. I would like to try the Liese's hair cocktail moisturizing hair serum, in Orange because i have frizzy hair & some times i wake up with a bad hair day. So i hope that by trying this not only will my hair smell good all day, but at the same time it solve my hair woes. :) Thank you.

  6. I <3 the green cocktail!

    shake shake sounds fun to use, really looks like a cocktail!

    I bet the moisturizing effect is going to help with my dry hair!

    Never really try out the testers at Watsons, the tester bottle is either empty or dirty and messed up by other consumers. =(

    I will want such a cocktail to drunk my hair so as to allow me to be "in-charge", and then tame the frizz while my hair is drunk! ^.^

    But which hair doesn't want to be drunk with a fruity scent, non-oily and non sticky state""!

  7. Xin -

    I'd really love to try the orange one to smell great and have great hair!

  8. Hello! 1st time coming to your blog, I came over from Liese's Fanpage. :)

    My name is Cynthia, 18 and you can contact me at

    I have no personal choice over which product, the Orange Hair Cocktail Moisturing Haair Serum or the Green one, as I have not tried any of Liese's products. I would like to try either of them.

    I have about waist length hair (which is quite long) and I rebonded my hair about 1 year back. however, I didnt apply any serum/moisturiser on my hair besides shampoo as I'm unsure if the good is reliable or not. However, after reading your post, I am interested in trying out this Hair Cocktail serum.

    My hair ends are getting frizzy and getting spoilt, and I feel I have to maintain it. Every morning I have to blowdry my hair (for school) and by afternoon, my hair will turn frizzy and bad. When i take out my rubber band, my hair will pop out and its very irritating. Hopefully this serum will be able to help my situation and make my hair neater and healthier!

  9. sher hui --

    I like the green cocktail!!

    It smells nice and i liked the colour of the serum.
    Also, I am always amazed by the fact that I have to shake before I have to use it ! (yes, I am childish and partially because I like to see the colour changes.)
    Although, to me the smell of the orange one is nicer, but I after researching on both of them, I can safely say that the orange one is for permed or rebonded hair.

    As, I am not eligible for both of the hair above, thus the green one would be better for me. :)

    I always have frizzy hair, wavy hair, where always my hair would not be styled to the directions i want it to, thus, I have to use a straighter everyday before I go out and for school. ( since many people said my hair is messy, and untidy)

    Before, straightening, it is always a must to put serum/moistuising stuff on my hair, so as to protect my hair.

    However, I have tried certain products, like l-ucido before straightening my hair. It did not work well as at the end of the day, my hair still appears frizzy as before.

    I have read many blogpost, and yours too! And was convinced that the hair cocktail serum is the best!! (because it is not sticky,fragrant, economical, and protects the hair)

    Perharps that this serum is the only saviour to my frizzy, and damaged hair !! (due to my straightener!)

    nice hairstyle + nice hair scent + healthy hair = beautiful woman!!

    hopefully this serum can transform me!

  10. jeline -

    I have very long hair therefore, The Orange Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum is very suitable for long hairs.

    It consists of anti frizzy oil and nourishing water to help smoothen each strand of the hair!!

    After all, girls should have nice silky hairs! And thank you to liese's hair cocktail!!!

  11. Grace

    I would love to try the Green cocktail for my thick, frizzy hair which I have done too many chemical treatments of coloring and rebonding..

  12. I rebond my hair frequently! (Like every 9months < does this count as frequently? haha) due to my hair being very curly and frizzy.
    So obviously, I have been torturing my poor hair with the extreme heat ):

    My hair ends look dead and frizzy especially after rebonding ):

    So i would like to get to try the Orange Hair Cocktail, hopefully to tame my mane, ops, i mean my hair!

  13. hi hi!

    the above is my fb account email which i forgot to mention; sorry for the inconvenience ):

  14. I would want to have the liese cocktail because I have fuzzy hair all the time. It anonys me, so I do need it for my hair. The cocktail will then make my hair fizz-less(xD) so that I'll have beautiful hair all day long~ :D

  15. I would want the ORANGE HAIR COCKTAIL!
    I had always been looking for anti frizz product that would help make my hair healthier..I've tried on one of the product but my friends says that my hair looks gross and oily after use!So i would like to try out this liese hair cocktail since its non greasy!i really hope i can try this out so my friends would not laugh at me anymore and i dun have to tie my hair to hide my frizzy hair...Thank you:D

    ❄ ❄

    Name: Liru
    Hello~! I will prefer the orange one. :)
    Every girls would want to have a nice, soft and silky hair is it ? And say no to hair damage once we use this (Even though I never use before ) hahahas. ) but I would want to cause my hair some are damaged due to rebornding and also my hair are not soft which I dream that one day I will have. And I know that this will help me to have my dream come true and I think every girl should have a sweet looking hair which I want to have too :) And even went we sweat this won't go off easily which other type of product do. I hope so. Hahahas. And i like liese product which the outcome of the product will give me sweet looking hair and I would want to try this :) I love to style my hair and its damaged as I mention and also due to rebornding. And I heard from miyake ( a singapore model) I think is her cause i idolize too many people haha. She use this too and she say it really cure damage hair like mine :) So I wont miss this out. :)

  17. My email is

    I would like to have the orange hair serum!!!

    I've got hair that's somewhat dry, and upon hearing that it works like a leave-in conditioner, I really would like to try it out! Especially since I'm a student, I can't possibly spend too much time on haircare. And I do want silky hair!

  18. I want the Green one!!! Because I'm a environmentalist..Love green and save the earth and good for hair..^^

    Email: cynthialqy(at)gmail(dot)com

  19. The contest has closed, no more new comments will be accepted.

    Thank you for all that participated, winner will be picked randomly on the 25 Oct 2010 and announced here plus on Facebook too


  20. I was browsing the internet for web sites related to cheap perfume and I came across yours. On the other hand, I use hair serum to protect my hair from styling-product buildup and from the sun’s rays.