Friday, October 29, 2010

Liese (Lee-Say) hair treatment and styling product

This is my before look, just usual, after taking a shower, dry with towel and look terribly messy.

I spritz on some Liese Juicy Shower that according to the tag: "Moisturising Hair Mist that is light weight, water based with sweet raspberry scent. Can act as a styling base and quench hair dryness."

I really enjoy the experience of the Raspberry scent, it is lovely, my hair feels pampered. The pump are easy to use, just spray and let the juice come out. It is light and easy to absorb, feels good and I can 'top up' anytime anywhere and every time I done so, I was embraced again by the raspberries.

Then I combed my hair to help spread the Juicy Shower and prepared for the next process.

Flat Iron! Section by section just to help it become straight, I don't want a really straight look, just enough straight with a bit of wave for volume.

Then I applied Liese Clear Cube Wax which said on the label: "Number indicates strongest hair setting power. 06 being the strongest.

Spread pearl size to palm then fingers to style. Provides excellent hold in humid weather!"

Mine is No.3 for standard hold.

Don't forget use it with a clean dry hand!

Then I style, style and style, with my finger tips lubricated by the wax. It is so easy to use and not sticky at all. This is the first time I like to use wax, usually they are sticky, heavy and simply doesn't work, but Lee-Say Clear Cube Wax is awesome. It doesn't stick on my hand, my hair still smooth, manageable, and feels soft.

Ta-da!! I'm done. This is my look with the flash on. I love how it still a natural flow but stay that was for hours and no messy, wonderful!

Liese products available at all Watsons, Guardian, selected super and hyper markets

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