Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Hello lovelies,

Yuk menangkan

(all brand new items)
1 boneka lucu dari Jepang,
1 set L'Oreal Paris White Perfect berisi Milky Foam dan Cream
1 sampel BB Cream
4 Lips Sticker dengan 2 motif berbeda
2 sachets product Spa Essentia
1 Holika Holika X Peko Highlight Cream
1 Revitalift dari L'Oreal Paris
1 sample Yves Rocher
2 Lipstick L'Oreal Paris

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Catrice Arctic Glow Highlighting Powder

Hello lovelies,

this is a product from Catrice that will make Elsa look with awe, like this is the total 'Frozen' delight, the bluish white with a whole lotta attitude. I also own another highlighting product from Catrice cosmetics and I think they do own the highlighting world with their quirkiness in having tons of shades of highlights in very affordable prices.


About the product:
  • Highlighting powder
  • Baked, soft texture
  • Soft violet shade
  • Vegan
Frozen Crystals. The iridescent highlighting powder is a must-have for the trendy cool Glow Look. The baked, soft texture with white, silver and soft violet colour pigments is ideal for strobing fans with cooler skin tones.  If you love the High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder, the Arctic Glow Highlighting Powder is the perfect counterpart! 
Beauty Tip
A white-silver highlighter is the ideal partner for strobing fans with a cool, lighter skin type. The iridescent ice tone of the Arctic Glow Highlighting Powder underlines delicate porcelain complexions. The skin looks radiant and fresh. The soft texture can be applied with the fingers or a suitable brush and blends easily. The highlighting powder is perfect for the current strobing trend, which uses highlighter to emphasize the natural light points of the face.


I can easily create a glass skin look using the powder, adding their creamy highlights before the powder also help creating that depth, like a 3D composition and my cheeks glows like never before. Imagine this look inside a night club haha! Like I'm a disco ball. The powder is dry and like it absorb sebum, so the skin feels powdery and velvety but the glow shines like it was so slippery, kinda funny and contradict at the same time but it works!

Like the mixture between amazing result with pure comfort, like I'm applying oils onto my skin but without the oily feeling. And the highlighting effects last.


The powder can be used all over the face and body, but I think the shade itself is more like for the face, except when you're going on a cosplay as Elsa.

Still, it's still fun creating an Ice Queen look, or anything that related to the freezing cold reality.

Duplair Horse Oil

Hello lovelies,

this is a beauty cream from Japan, known to be highly raved and earns a lot of good reputation and best sellers. I'm so happy I get to try their famous cream made with ceramide, collagen and yes, horse oil.

Japanese has done a ot of research and findings that horse oils are easily acceptable by human skin, hence they are making products using it.

You can get details and information from their official website:

Pure Japanese made skin care cosmetics, utilizing top level expertise with natural ingredients, while making it compactly packaged for lower package cost.
It is named Duplair to be loved by you!

and in Bahasa Indonesia
where they have officially launch in Indonesia, woohoo!!


What should we expect from the cream?

★ Feel firm and resilient skin! Ultra-rich
★ Contains plentiful Human-type Ceramides
★ Contains high concentration world widely focussed essence, “Horse Fat”
★ Contains 3 carefully selected Collagens
★ Contains 10 natural moisture retention ingredients
★ Use as a Cream mask too!
Perawatan kulit anti-aging yang mengagumkan.
Cream ajaib yang bekerja secara luar biasa untuk
menjadikan kulit kencang dan kenyal membantu
menghambat penuaan kulit anda. Mengandung
ceramide, kolagen dan asam linolenat yang 6x
lebih kuat dibandingkan asam hialuronat.
Memperbaiki tekstur kulit mempertahankan
kelembaban kulit, menghaluskan keriput dan garis
pada area wajah, mata, garis kerutan di leher
sekaligus mengembalikan serta menjaga agar kulit
anda tetap lembut dan kenyal.


1~3 Hypericum Perforatum Flower/Leaf/Stem Extracts, 4 Chamomilla Rectita (MATRICARIA) Flower Extract, 5 Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, 6 Tilia Cordata Flower Extract,7 Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, 8 Pueraria Thunbergiana Root Extract, 9 Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, 10 Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract

Water, Glycerin, Cetanol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Butylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Horse Fat, Soluble Collagen, Succinoyl Atelocollagen, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Ceramide 2, Ceramide 3, Urea, Hypericum Perforatum Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Chamomilla Rectila Flower Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Tilia Cordata Flower Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Pueraria Thunbergiana Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Chlorella Extract, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract, Mineral Oil, Glycine Soja (SOYBEAN) Sterol, Behenyl ALCOHOL, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Sorbitan Stearate, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Hydroxide, Trisodium EDTA, Polysorbate 60, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Fragrance


So in this review, I'll share with you my first experience using the product since it's just been days. At first, when I opened the lid, the amazing citrus fruity scent is just bursting with freshness and I love the scent so much that I kept sniffing on it.

The white gel cream also looks so beautiful, it's cream but like jelly, so easy to be taken by the skin, melts within touch and made the skin instantly moisturized. I don't have to keep on massaging the product for the cream to be absorbed, my skin will drink all of it within seconds.

Like the cream is enveloping my skin with thin film of moisture, the collagen, ceramide and everything works together to help the skin become supple and soft.


Dry skin cracks easily and filled with lines and wrinkles, by using the cream, the skin gains strength by flexibility and hydration. The nourishing cream helps the skin and goes to beyond the surface so the moisture stays within and continue working giving the skin that mochi bouncy feeling for hours and hours.

For those who are looking for a deep effects may use it as a cream mask, simply apply on a clean damp skin, thin layer will do, or thick when you really need more, especially for me on the cheeks area where they were the driest, and leave them on for 15-30 minutes, I can also use an optimizer to add more massaging action so my skin absorb them even more and alive. Wipe the leftover with soft facial tissue or massage it to your neck, hands and elbow, or anywhere you please, the feeling is just wonderful. The skin becomes so soft and clear afterwards since it is filled with hydration.

Even thou the texture is creamy and the name contains horse oil, no worries, it's not greasy and sticky, the cream is pretty much comfortable.


I feel like the cream is pretty rich in ingredients hence I'm not using a serum when using Duplair Horse Oil, just clean the skin and spray toner so the skin is damp. Like known, the skin is can works better in damp condition including when using skincare, mask, or serum and moisturizer. That's why we've been longing for moisture that last on the skin, hence they'll stay happy and healthy, the 'thing' that made the skin able to retain moisture is non other than ceramide.


We all know that we have collagen that made the skin, so it is beneficial having cream that contain collagen, and this cream have 3 collagen, neat right?! Collagen and ceramide in the cream works side by side for our skin.

Ceramide is lost from our skin day by day.
Secret of skin anti-aging care is to supply moisturizing component to your skin
on a daily basis. So supply a lot of Ceramide through your daily skin care and
moisturize your skin to make it look rich and healthy.


Enjoyable to be used, day by day, the skin looks happier and no more signs of dryness whether in dry climate or like staying in air condition room all the time.

I still enjoys the scent heehee, like it was something I look forward when using the cream.


The soft pink huge tube is really big, and I think it could last a while, even when using it as a cream mask once a week. I do use a non metal spatula for skincare every time I use it to scoop it out, or make sure you do have clean fingers when taking them and no double dip, so the product stays hygienic.

The middle white lid can be thrown away when not in need, but during traveling, the mid lid is needed, or you can simply get a smaller jar for lighter baggage.

Don't forget to get them here:, or if you happen to be nearby, Duplair babies also available at Tokyo Belle, Ciel Sowai Salon (Radio Dalam), Lond Tokyo and Century (apotek), oh and yes, more information can be obtain at their official instagram account, they also have tips for your skin.


Thank you so much for reading the post, hopefully everyone with dry skin like mine, who enjoy days under the sun, or lazing inside an air conditioning room, can have a comfortable, moist and happy skin everyday with Duplair Horse Oil.

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Hello lovelies,

lately, I've been googoo gaga about Althea, not just because their product is now available again in Indonesia but they've been launching awesome cool products that not just works like a charm but surreal. They are so good, like good amazingly good.

In this box I received two items, one is a sparkling mist of which I've shared a review for it as well, and another one, that blue colored clear bottle, Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser.


How to use the Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser?
To remove makeup:
Step 1: Pour an adequate amount of the product onto the palm of your hand.
Step 2: Massage the product all over your skin in circular motions to remove dirt and makeup.
Step 3: Rinse off the residue with water. You may also use a second cleanser to completely remove any residue.

To cleanse the skin:
Step 1: Dampen the skin and apply an adequate amount of the product onto the palm of your hand.
Step 2: Gently massage the product all over your skin in circular motions for 5-10 seconds before rinsing it off with water.

Combine the powers of a cleanser and serum with Althea's Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser! This beauty superhero whisks away makeup, dirt, and oil with mint extracts while ensuring the skin stays cool and hydrated throughout thanks to a dual moisture cell system that envelopes the skin in a serum-like formula. It prevents the skin from drying out and effectively minimizes enlarged pores, keeping it smooth to the touch. This product also helps to balance the pH levels of the skin to keep it working in tip-top shape! Best of all, it's gentle on the face and suitable even for those of us with sensitive skins.
And here's why they are so good:


All details are available from


So, it's not just any cleanser, but a sensitive care cleanser that works in deep level imaginable possible for the skin.

I'm testing it using my hard core products, the one that super sticky, super waterproof, super tough to erase, including the glittery ones.


Simply apply the Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and let it sit for a while.

I just spread them with my fingers since they are pretty runny, the texture is fun to watch heehee, not a gel, but kinda like a thick oil but they'll glide here and there.


Within seconds, I can see the difference, without massaging too much, the particles of make up looks like start to breaking apart, letting go my skin easily like they got nothing to lose. It's wonderful and the feeling on the skin is comfortable, there is a mild scent of mint but not bothering me at all. Some products with mint can be overwhelming and too cold, but this one is subtle and just freshly right!


I take a cotton pad, and thinking maybe I need to massage it a bit using the cotton pad, I DON'T NEED TO, it just effortlessly glide on and the cotton pad take all the makeup particles that has fallen off the skin.

It's amazing, usually with other products, I have to rub it up a bit, using a bit of massaging movement with the cotton pad or fingers, but this one just did it own its own. Love it so much!


I just simply do the rest and it cleans everything, haha! This is perhaps the best cleanser I've used.


I rinse everything off and my skin is happily, comfortably clean. I can continue using skincare and I enjoy the feeling of using the Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser everyday on my dry and sensitive skin.

Hard waterproof stays on makeup no longer a problem in cleansing, this one does it like magic!


Thank you so much Althea, your product rocks!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Catrice Prime And Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Lightening and Darkening

Hello lovelies,

look at these irresistible beauty products from Catrice, oh yes they sent me these bunch of amazing cosmetics that not just pretty to look at but works like a charm. Many makeup artists has been using Catrice since they work well, even to deep olive tone their pigment stands true, so even thou' Catrice is famous for affordable prices, they are still highly commendable.


Since it is quite a lot, let's review the base, it's called Prime and Fine Make Up Transformer Drops that I happily have the Lightening and Darkening. The products can be used with any other foundations I have and really helps me a lot. I have foundies that are given to me by brands, sometime they get it right, most of the time, they didn't. Either it is too dark or too bright, now I just adjust the tone using this magical babies, so if you don't want to toss wrong shades foundies away, just get this baby, either the lightening or darkening to your preference.

I can happily use them as a contouring kit too.


  • To personalise liquid make-up
  • Highly pigmented, liquid texture
  • Shades can be mixed together
  • Vegan
Individual Transformation. Make-up can be individually aligned with the needs of the skin thanks to the highly pigmented, liquid texture: Lightening Drops lighten the texture of foundation while the Darkening Drops make it darker. The Transformer Drops provide the possibility of personalising any CATRICE foundation.
Beauty Tip
The drops can also be used for highlighting and contouring. For especially natural-looking results, mix to create a shade that matches the skin tone. Liquid textures like the Transformer Drops should only be applied on top of liquid make-up – if you prefer powder, it should be applied after the liquid or creamy textures.


On the image above, I'm using it as a lightener to my too-dark-foundie, and it helps me really well. Just mixed the formula before applying on the skin. And below, I can use them alone, without my old foundation and they are a perfect harmony too on my skin. It is light, easy to be blend, applied on the skin and sets. I can happily use them anytime and it works like a primer too.

And you know what, they also have a waterproof drops to be added to any foundation and make it into waterproof makeup. Perhaps can be used for powder makeup too like eyeshadows, wow, that would be neat.


They also have a hydrating drops, perhaps it will give a much more dewy finish look that was on trend at the moment. I hope one day I can try all their drops, they look fun. And even thou' they came in the shape of tube and the drops are not by a pipette.

I can easily create a white bridal look or deep tan using these babies, simply playing with the tones as pleased. The texture is just right, as seen on the image above, they may look shiny at first but on the skin it's just will be a semi dewy natural gloss.


And I can clearly see why makeup artitsts are head over heels over these budget friendly brand, since even thou' they are really affordable, they works like a charm, not just the Prime and Fine Make Up Transformer Drops Lightening and Darkening but their highlight set, powders, eyeshadow, bronzer, and many more. Stay tune as I definitely review them as well.

Raiku Cleansing Cream

Hello lovelies,

belakangan ada banyak produk lokal yang booming di Indonesia, bukan hanya karena produk mereka rata-rata kompetitif dalam hal harga, namun cukup bagus dari segi kualitas. Seperti Raiku, dari segi kemasan dan design, produknya sangat sederhana, agaknya menggambarkan ciri khas perusahaan yang membuat produk ini agar terlihat 'anti ribet'. Produk-produknya pun dibuat sesuai dengan konsep mereka, simple, mudah digunakan dan berfungsi sebagaimana mestinya.

Raiku mengeluarkan satu set produk kecantikan, salah satunya adalah Cleansing Cream.


Unik ya Cleansing Cream, mungkin kita biasa mendengar cleansing milk, atau susu pembersih, cleansing oil, dan beberapa juga ada cleansing balm, namun baru pertama kali ini aku menggunakan cleansing cream. Teksturnya memang benar seperti cream, putih dan creamy. Namun tetap ringan dan mirip gel, tapi gel identik dengan kesan transparan dan tidak milky seperti ini. 

Dari segi aroma, bisa dikatakan tidak ada bau sama sekali, jadi buat aku ini termasuk golongan non-scented, baguslah, cocok untuk kulit yang sensitif terhadap bau-bauan. Raiku sendiri memiliki bahan dasar yang dibuat untuk kebutuhan kecantikan yang mengutamakan kelembutan kulit, jadi tanpa ada paraben dan senyawa kimia berbahaya. Bahkan di website dan sosial media resmi Raiku, mereka memgeluarkan tema tanpa makeup sama sekali, dan hanya dengan menggunakan produk Raiku, kulit terlihat cantik, jernih, tanpa perlu ditutup-tutupi.

Berikut detail tambahan dari

Raiku Active Ingredients

  • Niacinamide : Jenis Vitamin B yang dapat membantu melembabkan wajah sehingga dapat menyamarkan noda dan keriput. Zat ini juga membantu mencerahkan dan meratakan warna kulit.
  • Rice Extract : Mengandung antioksidan alami, ekstrak beras meminimalisir kerusakan karena radikal bebas dari lingkungan atau sengatan matahari. Kandungan ini juga membantu membuat kulit tampak cerah dan lebih lembab.
  • Safflower : Minyak Safflower mengandung asam linoleat yang membantu mengunci kelembaban wajah serta membuat wajah terlihat lebih bercahaya.
  • AHA : Senyawa asam yang berperan sebagai eksfoliator yang baik untuk membuat wajah menjadi lebih cerah serta mengatasi masalah pigmentasi.
  • Milk : Senyawa laktosa yang terkandung dalam milk membuat kulit tampak lebih cerah.
  • Hyaluronic Acid : Dengan tekstur yang ringan, mampu mempertahankan kelembaban dan keremajaan kulit serta membuat kulit lebih halus dan lembut.
  • Collagen : Senyawa protein yang menjaga kulit agar tetap elastis dan kenyal.
  • Chamomile Extract : Dapat menenangkan kulit sekaligus mencerahkan warna kulit dan mengencangkan pori-pori.
  • Vitamin E : Berperan untuk menjaga kelembaban kulit saat dibersihkan.
  • Vitamin C : Zat aktifnya membantu menangkal radikal bebas dan membuat kulit tampak lebih segar.

Nah sekarang, mari kita kembali membahas cleansing cream mereka, di foto diatas, aku sudah menggores beberapa produk seperti lipstik tahan air, mascara anti badai, foundation, concealer, eyeliner dari pencil dan liquid serta lipstik yang stained.


Lalu, aku pakaikan cleansing cream Raiku dan wow, setelah terus di usap dengan tekanan ringan, produk-produk tersebut terangkat, dan kapas pun bisa dengan mudah mengangkat semua sisa kotoran yang ada. Untuk di kulit muka, prinsipnya sama, cukup terus mengusap dan seperti memijat kulit dengan cream Raiku Cleansing Cream sampai warna krim tidak lagi putih, namun mengikuti warna makeup yang ingin diangkat, dengan bantuan kapas wajah, semua bisa diangkat. Namun untuk masacara yang amat sangat waterproof, mungkin cleansing oil bisa lebih mudah membantu karena tekstur minyak sendiri yang lebih kecil, jadi lebih bisa memecahkan partikel mascara.

Jadi, tips dari aku, untuk lebih mudahnya mungkin gunakan dulu eye makeup remover, baru Cleansing Cream Raiku ini untuk seluruh wajah. Jangan terburu-buru dalam memijat wajah dengan cleansing cream, biarkan produknya 'mencair' di kulit dan mengangkat semua makeup yang menempel. Aku biasanya menggunakan seukuran kacang almond untuk satu wajah. Setelah selesai memijat, aku bisa menggunakan kapas, atau menambahkan air hangat sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus memijat-mijat wajah. Saat menggunakan kapas pun sama, aku tetap harus membilas wajahku dengan air hangat sampai bersih.

Kulit jadi terasa segar dan tetap lembut. Pas banget untuk digunakan sehari-hari dan nyaman untuk kulit yang sensitif seperti aku maupun kering.

Apakah aku merekomendasikan produk ini? Tentu saja!

Kamu bisa membeli produk Raiku di website resmi mereka dengan harga sekitar seratus ribuan, masih cukup ramah kan di kantong?! Selamat mencoba!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter

Hello lovelies,

this is a beauty product from Catrice that made specially for the lips to appear fuller, more volume and colors for sure. It's Catrice Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter.

A product that comes in a tube like container but it has an applicator wand that is like any other tube container. The shade comes in 6 variant but I'm going to review just one, which is the one I'm using, Dr. Dewlittle.


What can we expect from Dr. Dewlitle?
  • Dewy Lips
  • With shea butter
  • Supple texture
  • Vegan
Dewy Lips. The Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter brings nourishment and shine to the lips. Selected ingredients such as Shea butter provide the lips with lasting care. The smooth texture visibly plumps the lips, discreetly colours them and leaves behind a shiny wet look finish.
Beauty Tip
Dewy Lips - in keeping with the trendy Dewy Trend - should shine and shimmer as if they were moistened by the fine dew of the morning hours. With the Dewy-ful Lips Conditioning Lip Butter, this is done quickly and easily. Shea Butter cares for the lips and provides a natural glossy effect. The choice of colours is also natural and plays with different nude tones inspired by the French manicure. Thanks to the shine, the lips not only look nourished, but also benefit from an instant volume effect.


Look how vibrant the color is, there's a vanilla like scent as well as pigment colors with feeling that is a bit slippery, not exactly greasy, but more like jelly. I can't say that it is not 100% free from stickiness, but can't really say it is sticky as well. So it is pretty much still in the comfortable area. The product may not be waterproof nor transfer-proof, but it does stays as long as I didn't wipe it off.

The lips will appear dewy, fuller and like blooming with intense red coral shade that I like. I can use it as a top or use the product itself as a solid color. Since nowadays using two tone, gradation and stained lips look are a thing, we can get that by using Dewy-ful Lips as well.

Thank you so much for reading the post, see you on my next one!


Hello lovelies,

this is Aestura Atobarrier 365 Cream that is now available at my Charis shop. It's a cream I've been using thanks to it's properties of helping dry and sensitive skin to feel better.

I do have dry and sensitive skin for the last few years, so it's not always like that, but the conditions happens after I'm about 34 years old, so now I'm getting used to finding products made for dry and sensitive skin only.


You can get the product here:


Around 100gr and Rp.450k.

The product comes in a lovely blue and white tone, tube container for hygiene and soft finishing material that feels good to the touch.


Same goes with what's in it, it's a soft white cream with tiny white dots. The cream doesn't comes with fragrance, which is perfect for sensitive skin, and when used, the skin immediately feels comfortable and not dry anymore.




They called it, tiny capsules heehee, which probably is, they look so tiny and easy to melt. I don't have to use extra force, or kept on massaging the skin, just use as I normally do. And the best thing is that, Atobarrier 365 Cream can be used for just about anyone, since it is made for dry and sensitive skin, even the kids can use it.

Dry and sensitive skin get irritation quite easily and it can be from anywhere, since the skin is dry and the moisture is lack, the skin become red easily, scrapped off easily, so I put some on my kids whenever needed, like when they are playing in the playground and something scratch their skin made them itchy, I put the cream and it helps soothe the condition almost immediately, helping them to calms down too.


So it's not just for the face, it's every part of our body when needed. Of course the face is our number one concern, but during emergency and this is the only cream I brought when traveling with the kids, Atobarrier 365 cream comes to the rescue.

The back side of my hand also gets dry easily during winter holiday, using the creams also helps and they are not greasy nor sticky like any other hand cream, so they are really perfect for anything. I love the moist effect but still powdery soft feeling as the cream absorbed by the skin without oily leftovers.


Definitely recommending the Atobarrier 365 Cream to anyone and to be used in many conditions too, get yours at

See you there!!

COVERNINE Color in Magnetfit Tint Set (5 colors)

Hello lovelies,

these babies are new from Charis and you can get them here:

Color in Magnetfit Tint Set(5 color)

For sure, the set comes in 5 lovely irresistible tones that I personally love, like if e have to choose 5 shades, it is probably these. And they can be mixed and match too, from mixing the colors to creating gradation.


I know, I'm jumping ahead now with swatches and now, I'm showing the container, the black packaging that are small and perfect for traveling. For those who wants to try, all of them only cost around Rp. 450k, they may be small but as seen, packed with good pigments. The texture is bright and glossy at first where then it will turn into stained matte that made the lips looks like it has absorbed the colors.


Inside a plastic zip pouch are the 5 products, the details on the shades are sticker-ed on the bottom part of each product and it have the exact same color as the liquid inside. The wand is like any other, soft and convenient to be used and deliver enough liquid each time.


Brand: Covernine - Color in Magnetfit Tint Set(5 color)


Since I'm a huge fan of everything deep and red, I always started with the darkest tone that made me look fiercely beautiful.


( Russet Red )

The feeling of using the product is a bit weird, there's a mild tingling on the part where there's chapped, so do use it only on perfectly fine and healthy lips. There's a fruity floral scent that somehow addictive for me, the berries smells so good and appetizing too. Even thou' they goes away within minutes, it is still enjoyable.


(Dizzy Red)

For those who loves red not as deep as I am. Can still enjoys Dizzy Red as it is a famous red tone that everyone seems to be falling head over heels with. It brighten up the whole face like the one below, with a bit of a pink.


(Pink Peacock)

This is their version of fuchsia, I must say, I do look pretty using Pink Peacock. It's a color that anyone can use and help perk up the whole look like a peacock opening the wings. 


(Prism Pink)

It keep going to a softer and milder tone or may I say, paler. The soft prism pink that made me look like an innocent girl. Same goes with Salmon Coral below.


(Salmon Coral)

There wont be a complete set without an orange hint, all Korean makeup have that orange tone, like it was loved by many and does create a unique hue. The trend goes worldwide, it's not a new shade, yet somehow, it was really a bit when Korean cosmetic brings it up.


So there you go, all 5 shades, 5 irresistible colors that can easily be used daily, on special occasions and for many, many looks beyond.

Some may stained even more (like Dizzy Red and Pink Peacock) while others are mildly to medium stain. They'll usually fade away after a day.

Thank's for reading the post and see you all again soon.

Don't forget to get yours, here: