Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow, Pure Radiant Blush, and Serum Intense Lipstick

Happy New Year 2015!!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful year we had and finally we can embrace the New Year. As fireworks are exploding here and there, the colors, the laughter and happiness shared with family and friends is always something we look for during the celebration.

Laneige, with their constant revelation on amazing beauty products from Korea shares with me their newest collection. From the Pure Radiant Shadow, Pure Radiant Blush and the oh-so-famous Serum Intense Lipstick.

Jakarta, December 2014 – This end of 2014, get set to be spoilt for choice as Laneige launches its all new exciting comprehensive range of eye shadow palettes, blushers and lipsticks! There are 7 highly-pigmented Pure Radiant Shadow palettes; 6 Pure Radiant Blush colours and 20 vivid Serum Intense Lipstick colours. Experiment, Experience and Enjoy – there’ll be something to suit every woman, for any mood and occasion! It’s time to grab all the attention you want, like a K-Pop star, with new makeup trend: Natural skin tone, well-defined eyes using neutral eye shadow colours, and vivid lipstick that brightens up the complexion!


Here's the box with make up inside, beside the 3 items mentioned above, there's the BB Soothing Cushion and an applicator. USB also presented as a part of a media kit.


Here are the details provided in the media kit:


Serum Intense Lipstick

Let your lips pop with Laneige’s new Serum Intense Lipstick (nicknamed LED Lipstick) and have fun creating different looks from the choice of 20 vivid lipstick colours, perfectly suited to Asian skin tones! Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick pampers your lips with intense LED colours and moisture-rich serum. Furthermore, it contains 3 types of moisture-sealing formula for long-lasting hydration and 35% skincare ingredients that protect the lips, namely:

1.       Glycerin that absorbs moisture in the air and supply it to the skin and prevents cracked lips;

2.       Physiogel Lotion / Laneige Original Essence that fills the cracks on lips that experience high water loss;

3.       Natural botanical, Squalane, that supplies oxygen to skin and enhances skin respiration and also forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture evaporation.
Apart from the moisture sealing formula, Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick also uses “ShineLED”, a highly moist pure base that expresses the pigment’s inherent colour, and “Pigment Downsizing Technology” to decrease pigment particle size to enhance the touch experience and provide better color intensity with just one glide
Using oil that's used in skincare products, which contains squalane and skin-like fatty acid, the Big Cage formula used in Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick maximizes serum content while maintaining stable lipstick structure.

The result?
As if under LED lighting, your face brightens instantly. Your skin is radiant and pure. Your lips are vivid and moisturized, immediately smoother, plumped and more radiant.


Pure Radiant Shadow Palette

Starting with the eyes, each Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow palette comes with four highly-pigmented colour shades and a tip & brush applicator. Made with ultra-fine, consistent particle colour base and sponge-like, elastic powder that glides on smoothly and evenly on the eyelids, Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow gives a high-colour realization with just one swipe.

Available in 7 palette shades, Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow helps you create the look you want – from nude to smoky or sweet to glamorous.

Pure Radiant Blush

Give your cheeks a soft, natural and lively glow with the new Laneige Pure Radiant Blush! Available in 6 attractive tones for subtle to shading use, the Pure Radiant Blush contains highly transparent mica that gives a smoother and more radiant finish upon application. It is also long-lasting and requires no correction.
In addition, the fine particle powder, with superior glow scattering effect, helps fill up any unevenness or fine wrinkles on your skin, while reflecting light at various angles to render a bright and lively complexion. So pure, it’s as if you have naturally flawless skin.


So, after being so excited with the products, I immediately made a look from them, start from the BB Soothing Cushion, I was given no.21, but I have no.13 at home, so I use no.13 instead for a lighter tone.

As usual, the product is so easy to be used, comfortable and suitable as an all in one base. But since I want to make a New Year look, I add more, contouring.


Followed by a compact also from Laneige (Water Supreme Finishing Pact) after blending the products well then moved to the eyebrow (Laneige Natural Brow Liner).

Continue with Classy Mood and Natural Shading.

Classy Mood is one of the variant from Pure Radiant Shadow and Natural Shading is the Pure Radiant Blush .


Above is the swatch.

After using the Pure Radiant Blush as a natural shading (by all means), last but not least, I put on the Serum Intense Lipstick in Luminous Red.


The rich color covered the lips beautifully, the lipstick itself have an amazing texture, so hydrating and moisturizing and all in a good way, my chapped lips gone in seconds, this is the perfect lipstick in the winter. No matter how dry the environment or your condition is, the serum formula will be able to cover everything, from the intense color to making the lips looks healthy and irresistible at the same time. Like I never seen my lips looks that way, so juicy and beautifully made.

I'm going to get myself some more shade after this, it is THAT good.


These are the swatches made in the counter and an image shared by the beauty advisor:


I think they all look irresistible and waiting for me to bring them home.



In this new year, Laneige bring back colors with a more pigment. The highlight for me is definitely the Serum Intense Lipstick, they are not just about LED shine and colors, the hydrating effect is just amazing. The lips will instantly look and feels amazing. So intensely colored, plumped, coated in the best way possible with the 35% skincare ingredients is just surreal.

The texture of Pure Radiant Shadow is so soft and felt very smooth on the lids, little to no mess are made during application thanks to the sponge like, elastic powder. The color also quite vivid and blending them in wont be a problem.

Same goes with Natural Shading, the Pure Radiant Blush, the texture is so soft and perfect as a blush. The fine particle is just spot on. I use it as a complement to shade the cheek bone. Without adding a rosy nor pinkish blush for the lipstick to be the main attention.

Here is the before after look of the Serum Intense Lipstick in Luminous Red.


It looks so good, like a gloss, balm, stain and everything in between in one.


Thank you so much Laneige Indonesia and if you are interested, here's more details:

The new Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow, Pure Radiant Blush and Serum Intense Lipstick collection are available from January 2015 at all Laneige counters. The prices are as follows:

·       Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow     IDR 290,000

·       Laneige Pure Radiant Blush         IDR 260,000

·       Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick  IDR 220,000