Monday, December 29, 2014

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in Light Beige

Hello everyone,

this is a product by Etude House Indonesia from Nihonmart. .A BB Cream with Bright Fit variant.


Etude House adalah brand kosmetik dari Korea. Produk Etude House mempunyai 4 konsep dasar yaitu kualitas terbaik, harga terjangkau, desain yang cantik dan beragam varian warna menarik. 
BB Cream diformulasikan dengan bubuk mutiara dengan tekstur melembabkan kulit, membantu melawan tanda-tanda penuaan dini pada wajah, menjaga dan melindungi kulit dari bahaya sinar UVA dan UVB, serta membuat kulit halus dan cerah seperti mutiara.


With SPF 30 PA++, the power to protect us from the sun is enough for daily basis where most of the time spend indoor. The product is said to give the skin a sheer coverage with brightening aka whitening effect (hence the arbutin) and pearl infused.


Above is the list of ingredients and below is the product on my hand.

No.1 is the creamy liquid during the first pumps, no worries, it is normal for a  product to be like that, just shake it, as long as it is still in the usable period (before expiration date).

And the seconds pump will be as normal as No.2.


And I immediately using them on my skin using a sponge (brush and fingers also no problem).

The texture is similar like any other BB Cream, a creamy liquid and for the shade, it does comes in several tones, the Light Beige fits me perfectly and gives the skin a bright effect like I want it. Since for me it made the face looks more appealing and fresh.

As it is a BB Cream, I'm using it after skincare and concealer, and top it off with a loose powder.


As seen above, as sheer as it was said to be, on me it provide an enough coverage and made my skin looks luminous, poreless, have an even skin tone, hide imperfection nicely and I can simply choose between a matte or dewy finish. Matte finish by adding loose powder and matte by none.

And after using the product on daily basis, I found out that the BB Cream has a good staying power, it stands through sweats, heat, and humidity very well. From day to night, Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit stays like it was my original skin. I can just simply add loose powder for a matte look around the clock but the BB Cream itself provide a natural finish that I adore.

Color makeup used on top of it also stays better and become more visible since it wont be 'absorbed' into the skin because of the 'layer' it gives.

And since it is a base after all and a makeup, after using it, clean it thoroughly with a good makeup remover and/or cleansing oil.


Thank you so much Nihonmart Toko Kosmetik Online

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