Friday, December 26, 2014

Beauty Barn Fever Down, Virus Free, and Breathe Easy

Hello everybody,

on this rainy season, my baby got a flu. If you think that taking care of a baby already need so much patience and attention, wait until they're having a flu. Being so uncomfortable and unable to get those stuffiness out, a baby can only cry, and the fever doesn't help either.

So, whenever there's a baby near you, no matter how cute they are, don't be selfish, wash your hand thoroughly before touching their hands, or feet, or perhaps holding them, and if you're sick, get a grip and let that baby safe from the viruses. Stay away! Don't let them get sick, especially if they're not your own, their parents the one that will suffer as well with the sleepless nights (and days!).

This also goes to extended families, the aunts, uncles and everyone in between, don't get offended, think about it, do you rrrrrealllllllly need to hold the baby? Will you be hold responsible when the baby got sick?

And as a parents, speak up, it will save your baby from troubles as well.


All details can be found at Beauty Barn Indonesia official website.

The packaging itself is simple, a pump bottle that dispense an oil like liquid with a clear and transparent looking with a scent like...mentos, exactly like mentos. On the skin, it promote a warmth, not heat nor hot like ointments for grown ups but a comfortable one for babies.


And this is one of the things that I really love to speak up as well. Natural products for the baby. This is my best effort of keeping them away from medicines. Using aromatherapy that help ease her discomfort and keep the mind in peace that I'm not adding problem to problem.  We all know that drugs only alleviate the symptoms and not a cure, so whenever possible, I opt for the home remedy and these babies from Beauty Barn Indonesia.

The Fever Down, this is the first product that I used when she is down with fever, I put on her feet and put the socks on, in a matter of 2 minutes she took the socks off, yes, she really don't like a socks, nevertheless the soothing aroma and a warm feeling is what we sought after.

It doesn't help during high fever, so medication from a doctor is still needed but it calms her in a way that like compress does.


When the baby is having a fever, don't overdressed the baby, give enough room for the skin to be cooled. Do not put direct fan/aircon to the baby. Bathe her in warm water as it help easing the fever. Do not use cold compress, a warm one is the best option. And consult your healthcare for any concern.

Sometimes a baby skin will become dry due to a prolonged fever, use a mild cleanser and baby lotion to help keeping the moisture on the skin.


Next in line, is the aromatherapy drops. Virus Free and Breathe Easy. One for the room, the other to be used directly on the surface/material next to the baby.


After a few days with fever and the fever is gone, here comes the stuffy nose and cough. A wonderful mixture that makes breathe easier and sleeping become more comfortable.

I used them on her by putting the bibs on.

The scent is comforting, it's like a fresh air once again, it can also help bigger kids. Suitable for newborn since it doesn't need skin contact and it is not like products for adults that might 'sting' the eyes.


Last but not least, my utmost favorite, the room disinfectant mix. I know there's many out there in the market, some that claims for babies also sometime contain ingredients that are not safe to be inhaled, hence we can read: it is best to leave the room at least 2 hours after being sprayed or not to inhaled directly, keep away from children, etc.

The Virus Free, like any other products from Beauty Barn Indonesia, contains best and safe ingredients for the young ones. The aromatherapy smells comfortable, I'm using it almost on a daily basis to keep the house away from virus, it is not 100% clear from virus for sure, but it helps, as there are so many air borne viruses all we can do is reduced the amount as we are not living in a bubble.


The scent is therapeutic for me, and doesn't cause problems for the kids at home. Doesn't irritate their senses and made the room smells nice.

I drop some into a diffuser and slowly but sure, the eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon, lemon, tea tree, rosemary, clove and lemongrass starts working.

Thank you so much Beauty Barn Indonesia.

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