Friday, December 26, 2014

Pure Smile Point Pads Plumeria

Hello everybody,

I'm back with a very cute mask from Disney Store in Shibuya. This is a mask made by Pure Smile, known as Point Pads.

Comes in many variations from fruity to floral and many, many, many shapes, these point pads are infused with the 'juice' mentioned as the highlight ingredient and hyaluronic acid. That's it, really nothing's to it.


Made for kids and adult all alike, these Point Pads are also available at Disney Store, with their character of course.

I choose Ariel, not because of Ariel herself, but the plumeria. It's a flower which I known from Hawaii that smells so good, and I only purchase one since I'm curious about the effect, so if I like it, I'll buy some more.


Do I like it? I love it!!!

It can be used by the whole family, the plumeria scent is amazingly lovely and just like how I remember it, smells so beautiful and I wished I bough some more, all of the variants ^^

These pads are usable all over the face and body, on the exact part we want to add some hydration and a bit of the scent does last.


The mask itself is like any other mask from Pure Smile, the paper mixed with cotton, made into this soft, flexible mask with slippery hyaluronic acid that can 'stick' anywhere I put them on. Inside, there's 10 pads, I used it 2 on my face, and 2 on my feet, it does help relives and cool the exhaustion do to the walks.

I share the rest with my family and we all excited about how 'cool' the surface is. We were using it for 15-25 minutes, the skin afterwards become moist, smells like plumeria, and chilled ^^


If you don't want to use it all in one go, no worries, the plastic comes with a zip to lock it back again.

The irresistible character, shapes and added ingredients in each pads (honey, mine is plumeria, strawberry, etc)
Everyone can use it

Minus part:
none, it's a fun and addicting mask ^^ so cute!!! Or may I say, kawaii! 

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