Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick in Great Pink Planet

Hello all,

this lipstick need no introduction, all beauty enthusiast know this by name, Lime Crime, especially the velvetines, still anythings comes out from it puke colors that are far from timid.


Details from

Bold. Opaque. Recklessly loaded with pigment. For lips that speak louder than words.


And their details is just right on every sense and meanings possible.


I choose Great Pink Planet from the Unicorn Lipstick collection from Luxola Indonesia.


The color is a bit like lavender to me instead of a clear pink or at least registered in the pink family >.~ still, I love it, I found the color to be irresistible and I do wish Luxola Indonesia carried all 19 shades of these wonderful lipstick.


The lipstick deliver amazing color in every swipe, it doesn't have any blank nor runny from the first application, produces a wonderful color like seen as it is and never fails.

The texture itself is rubbery like, thick, very rich and creamy to slightly 'sticky' as it attached to the lips like magnet. Enveloped everything it touches and oh the color is just there.... literally speaks louder than words.


To makes it looks better, use a lip scrub often or anything to prevent a chapped lips, make sure that the lips are free from dead skin cells so the lipstick can cling on the right path.

And after they are snugged comfortably on the lips it will stays with a very good effect for hours and hours (doesn't included eating and drinking ya)


What can I say, a superb lippie for sure.

(Do I even need to make this review?!)

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  1. wowwww ini sih bukan pink tp ungu mudaaa.. kemaren itu aku sempet mau beli tp ga jadi. untung ga jadi hahaha bakal super jarang dipake xD