Friday, December 26, 2014

D'Eyeko Lengthening

Hello lovelies,

Oh well, I've been given this lovely lashes for so long and after doing a few spring cleaning, it was hidden on the upper story of my makeup stash.

D'Eyeko Lengthening, a very wide and appealing falsies from D'Eyeko.

As usual, I was afraid as sometime D'Eyeko lashes are quite flimsy, the fact that they are so much lighter than any other false lashes is the material used. Natural hair connected with glues and a piece of string, a very thin one.


Without cutting any part of it, I use the lashes from the inner side of the lids until a bit over the outer side. The result is a really lengthening and since it's D'Eyeko, comfort in using their products is always become their strongest point.

The inner side is very gentle and doesn't 'poke' the eyes in every blink, and the feathery lightness from the real hair material.

The only thing that need to be watched out is during application, so the lashes will fit on perfectly and exactly where you want it too.

Always stick it from the inner to outer, you can add the curve angle as it will made the eyes appears bigger or stretch it to the outer lid to make the eyes appears wider.



As seen, I opt for the wider.

The lashes definitely gets attention and create a persona for me.

After usage, pull it off gently and put them back in the case for multiple usages.

Thank you so much D'Eyeko.

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