Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boots Intensive Treatment Mask Rosemary & Mint for Normal to Oily Hair

Hi everyone,

this is a simple product from Boots, a mask that says Intenstive Treatment with Rosemary and Mint, made for normal to oily skin type.


The mask is simple in terms of usage, just shampoo and towel dry the hair before applying it generously on the hair. As usual, the longer we keep it on the hair, the better.

I don't use it on the scalp since usually these kind of product will make the scalp oily and very uncomfortable, so just on the hair will do. Nevertheless, some of it will still sips onto the scalp and create that tingling sensation thanks to the mint. It was quite refreshing.


I put my shower cap on and usually leave it for 30 minutes. After wards I rinse everything off using room temperature water or warm water, but I like it best using room temperature water since it made the hair feels better, I don't really know why, when using warm water perhaps it opens up the scalp and after a while the scalp will become oily faster. Plus normal temp water makes the scalp feels fresher.



don't take this product seriously, it does add some radiance glow to the hair but it's not permanent, more like a medium gloss. In terms of 'repairing', I don't see much, just perhaps a detangling effect. But the process is cooling and makes a hot days feels a lot better.

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