Monday, December 8, 2014

Kiehl's Facial Fuel Anti Wrinkle Cream

Hello everybody,

I hope you all well. This is another product from Kiehl's for men. A Facial Fuel Anti Wrinkle Cream.

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Facial Fuel Anti-Wrinkle Cream

A lightweight anti-wrinkle cream for men
  • Easily absorbed to hydrate, invigorate and refresh facial appearance, helping to combat the look of fatigue
  • Helps skin feel strengthened and more dense so it appears firmer and the look of facial wrinkles and lines is diminished
  • Made with Chestnut Extract and Soy
  • Enriched with Vitamins C and E and extracts from citrus fruits


The cream itself is like an arctic ice in a sea (blue pot), looks cool and refreshing.  And when it touches the skin, it does, the smell is a bit like peppermint too. This is one of hubby's favorite, he's been using it through summer and winter, short to overnight flight. He highly recommend the product for the moisturizing effect on the skin without oily feeling, the hydrating power stands against many tough condition and the gel like cream also comfortable all day long.

He uses the moisturizer daily with or without serum and his skin become moist every day without fail.

Psst! The coolness effect also last a few minutes up to 15-30 minutes on the skin.

Chestnut Extract is derived from the Horse Chestnut Tree. Originally grown in Asia and northern Greece, this tree produces fruits made up of a spiny capsule that resembles a walnut. In skin care, this extract is used to improve the skin’s barrier function, thereby helping the skin to retain and restore its lipids.

Thank you so much Kiehl's Indonesia.

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