Monday, December 29, 2014

Canmake Marshmallow Pink Creamy Touch Rouge

Hello lovely,

heehee lately I've been so into lipsticks (thanks to 2 particular ladies whose been all about lippies these day) and I'm hooked. I love how lipsticks changes moods and appearance instantly ^^

There's so many different texture and finish of a lipstick, from glossy, dewy, watery, creamy, matte, and even powdery. Canmake has produced a Creamy Touch Rouge and mine is in Marshmallow Pink.


Details from

A new texture! Velvety semi-matte lips!!!
Creamy texture and high color that goes on just the way it looks in the pot.
A rouge that creates plump lips ♥ that feel great, like chocolate ganache.

Semi-matte lips, like chocolate ganache
● No lamé or pearl particles. Defying the common wisdom that "matte lip colors = dryness", this keeps your lips moist! Achieves a natural gloss with minimal dazzle or stickiness!
● Creates soft, plump semi-matte lips.
You'll get hooked ♥ Creamy touch
● Smoothness that you'll feel from the instant you apply it to your lips. You'll get hooked on the rich, creamy texture and the way it clings to your lips ♥
Superb coverage with no need for concealer!
● Just one coat thoroughly covers your natural lip color. Achieves just the same color on your lips as it appears in the pot.
● Clings tightly to your lips, so will not smudge even if you apply lip gloss over it.

Packed with beautifying and moisturizing ingredients! For plump, unchapped lips
● The synergistic effect of the moisturizing agents prevents dryness!
Hyaluronic acid
Collagen  Creates a supple protective coat on the surface of your lips and exerts a moisturizing effect.
Volumizing complex

● Contains plant-derived oils and extracts for healthy lips!
Avocado oil  Skin-softening effect on your lips.
Raspberry extract  Moisturizing effect, astringent effect, skin-conditioning effect.


Look closely into the packaging, there's a pon pon which means to tap (tap) the lips with fingers for a creamy look finish.


Comes in three variant, Pink (mine), Orange, and Red. Each of them are sold for 700 yen.


The packaging is in gold and when closed properly, there's a crisp clicking sound. The lipstick looks in between creamy and matte. The color is just adorable.

Here's my before after look with the pon pon technique after being applied straight from the tube.


I love it!! It looks super pretty and gives an almost 100% coverings (since it takes several layers for the lippie to looks like that).

And below is without the 'pon pon' touch.


Overall, still a great product with super adorable and irresistible color that gives the user a kawaii look instantly.

The formula is creamy and velvety on the lips, it doesn't make and/or give the lips a drying effect, but I don't say it's in the moisturizing as well, it is just right in the middle towards nourishing. The lipstick does cling and like having a good grips on the lips, making them stay real good, I would never use it with a lip gloss since I don't want to loose the creamy finish.

The lipstick coats the lips beautifully with minimum stickiness and no greasy nor oily effect as well.

For me it was somewhat perfect for this creamy type lipstick.


So, let's start 'pon pon' ing >.~

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  1. Aku pakai ini juga, warna yang sama, gak cocok ama aku T^T teksturnya juga aku kurang suka sih, tapi kalau dibikin gradation lip bareng warna lain yang lebih tua, cucok rempong deh