Monday, December 1, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Forever Light Creator Serum

Hello lovelies,

recently, I've been using this wonderful serum from Yves Saint Laurent called Forever Light Creator, a serum that helps correcting the skin tone.


The first Skintone Corrector Serum by Yves Saint Laurent, integrates the exclusive GlycanactifWT™ complex and helps correct the appearance of uneven skintone by acting on dark spots, uniformity, clarity and radiance. Instantly, skin looks more luminous, its texture refined. Over time, color imperfections - dark spots & redness - look visibly reduced, skintone recovers its clarity and evenness.


Highlighted Ingredients:
  • - GLYCANACTIF WT TM + complementary ingredients:
  • - ACTYL C: reduce and prevent uneven pigmentation. skin looks visibly brighter.
  • - L.H.A: skin renewal agent. smoothing of micro relief.
The product itself has been featured in my video some time ago.

Please do watch to see the texture.


Somehow during the video the serum smells so good, but now, it seems like the scent is fading away, either faded or I'm already get used to it. Either way, the serum feels really good and comfortable on the skin, it does made the skin looks more luminous from the first usage.


I hate my redness more than dark spots, since the spots are less visible, but the redness are there, under the nose and some other area, made my skin looks irritated and angry. It frustrates me how it goes on and off.

Forever Light Creator Serum not just helping the dark spots but the redness are fading as well, is is suitable for my sensitive skin.


The large pores are still there, reduced but still there after 1-2 weeks using the product, the redness are far less, the spots are starting to breaks apart, the skin looks plump and younger thanks to the hydrating ability and far more relaxed so the lines doesn't stressed.

This is a very good serum that I would like to recommend for those with the same issues as I am.

Thank you so much Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia.

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