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Kiss Me Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder SPF 25 PA++ in 01

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it's already the mid of December 2014, can't believe it's Christmas soon and the new year comes. For those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas ^__^ Let the joy and beauty of Christmas fills our heart with gratitude and kindness to those surrounds us.

Now, as this is a rainy season in Indonesia, humidity is quite high as well. So for me, a BB Cream alone is definitely not enough, as it melts during the day almost in an hour or two when the heat and heavy clouds make that glass house effect. It's so hot and muggy at the same time. This BB Loose Powder has been a great help for me.


Get mine from Matsumoto Kiyoshi somewhere between Tokyo to Hakodate heehee, hubby bought me one during his trip. I saw one online and really want to try one, glad I did.

The packaging is similar to other Heroine Make design, kinda like a comic called Rose of Versailles, this is the Marie Antoinette.

Their famous line is the eyeliner and mascara, famous for being so waterproof and resist almost everything.


description from
Kiss Me Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder
  • Excellent pore coverage. A mineral BB powder that doubles as foundation, consisting of 95% mineral ingredients.
  • Prevents makeup meltdowns, creating nice & dry skin. Apply over BB Cream for a longer-lasting finish.
  • For a long-lasting translucent look that is dullness-free and bright.
  • SPF25 PA++

how to use it
After applying foundation, then apply appropriate amount of BB loose powder on face evenly.


Details from

Mineral BB Loose Powder

Capacity 6g
Price ¥ 1,200 (including tax ¥ 1,296)
Color 01 Light 02 Natural
  • Friendly to the skin. Mineral component 95% blend.
  • Firmly pores cover & van der effect. Uneven compensation Mineral Powder.
  • Bright transparent feeling is followed it is difficult to dullness. Bright up Powder.
  • And prevent collapse keep smooth skin a long time. Lasting Mineral Powder.
  • Mineral component-field Baraekisu, chamomile extract, saxifrage extract, silk coating powder (moisturizing) compounding.
  • Already Unscented coloring pigment amino acid coating, oil-free ultraviolet absorber free Kawafu stimulus tested ※. ※ does not mean Kawafu stimulation does not occur to everyone.
  • SPF25 PA ++
Mineral BB Loose Powder 01
Talc, mica, titanium oxide, silica, sulfate Ba, dimethicone, diphenylsiloxy phenyltrimethicone, silk, saxifrage extract, Kaninabara fruit extract, brown algae extract, chamomile extract, stearic acid Mg, hydroxyapatite, hydroxide Al, BG, methylparaben, zinc oxide, water, methicone, stearoyl glutamate 2Na, iron oxide, tin oxidePlease use from Peel off the seal of the inner lid.

After trimmed the skin with makeup water, etc., (after the BB cream If you are using a BB cream) take an appropriate amount to puff, please extend your skin from and rub the powder to the entire puff so as to massage the puff.

When makeup fix, please use it as superimpose To softly from holding excess sebum.

After use, place the puff to the inner lid, please tightly close the cap.

Please use puff in the always clean. When dirty, wearing makeup soap or the like is wash press lightly with warm water, then rinsing thoroughly, please dry shadow.


The product itself is a very cute pink jar with golden details and writings, white puff with pink ribbon, like any other loose powder the jar has 2 lids, one inside the product with openings for the powders to come out on to the puff and the outer lid with the pink and golden details.


Please do watch the video of me with the powder.


And here are my before after photos:


Before using anything (above), and after using a BB Cream plus BB Loose Powder.


The coverage become quite high and able to correct imperfection. The feeling on the skin is really light and since it comes in a loose powder form the powder able to be applied more evenly compared to compact powder. I really love how it made the skin looks matte and fresh for hours. Above is a picture of me just using it and below after 4 hours.


And if you're wondering about using it alone without BB Cream, foundation or any other base, is in the image below.


The coverage is still pretty good. And it stays that way for hours as well.

This is definitely become my favorite product, easy to be used, the puff is fluffy and firm at the same time, the fine applicator made the application easier and even, the pores are hided instantly and have that 'strong' powdery feeling.

The SPF 25 PA++ is quite high for a loose powder, meaning that it does give the skin a good coverage.

The shade comes in two variant, which I think can be used for just about anyone since the result is quite natural.

When picture time or when look in real life, the loose powder gives the skin that nice glow, not white cast, not greyish, nor darkening, nor strange whities, just that perfect fresh radiance.

Last but not least, this is a loose powder that suitable for a hot, humid and muggy climate. My slightly oily t-zone and active sweat glands has met their match, a mineral loose powder that covers, feels soft and mattefying without any cakey or unnatural look as a side effect.

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