Tuesday, December 23, 2014

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion in 5.62 Intense Violet Brown

Hello all,

I changed my hair color around 3 weeks ago using the new hair color from L'Oreal Paris. All this years (when I'm in Indonesia), I always choose L'Oreal Paris as my diy hair coloring kit at home since they always give that deep color like no other brand do. And inside the packaging, care as in conditioner or pre coloring product is included for that extra attention for the hair.

We all know chemical does it damages, but who can resist the colors, it turns personality around ^^

  • Product Benefits
  • Now, the World's No. 1 Hair Color introduces a new line of trendy and fashionable shades inspired by Paris Glamour.

    Experience premium color performance with the powerful Hi-Shine complex infused in Excellence Fashion. Color is vibrant and long-lasting, and hair shines spectacularly.

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • Excellence Fashion is Infused with Hi-Shine Complex for spectacular brilliance and sparkling visible color.

    Hi-Intensity Pigments gives long-lasting, rich and intense color, while its triple-Care Formula protects, strengthens & nourishes hair while coloring.

The color is indeed unique, a violet brown, usually the violet is mixed with deep red or something darker, as in black with violet hue, I guess L'Oreal Paris has come with a bolder options (hooray). But the question need to be ask is that, is the color visible enough as a DIY, as in most home coloring kit usually in the (Indonesian) market today only gives a somewhat 'mild' result.

Let's see shall we?!


First, check out all the products inside the box, an instruction, pre coloring hair care, to be used on the part of the hairs that was damaged, dry, or in need of extra protection from the chemicals, leave it for a while and then proceed with the coloring process.

The process is as usual, mixed two set, as in the colorant and in the developer, make sure that you put on the gloves before opening anything or beginning to get close with the chemicals, and shake the product really well, don't be shy, just make sure that the cap is fully closed before shaking it furiously. Once everything is mixed well, open the tip immediately, so the gas inside wont burst.

Apply section by section. I use two mirrors, one in front of me, and the other one behind. I use plenty of hair clips and open it one by one. I don't usually put on the roots first as sometime it stings and hot. So I apply on the close-to-the-root first, all the way through the end, and then the roots only.

I leave it on 45 minutes since I want it to be completely Violet Brown.


And above is the result, a completely violet brown looking hair.

Add a bit of water to the sticky hair, massage it for a while to loosen everything up and then I wash everything until the water runs clean. Then I use the conditioner after color care and leave them alone for that good time of pampering. Apply the white creamy product from close to the root and all the way to the ends.

Wash it again.

Still the towels has stain for days even after making sure the water runs clear. Nevertheless, I love the result, a deep violet with brown hue and the shine is just wonderful.


It's been 3 weeks now and the color is still wonderful. I do add oils on my daily routine to keep them properly cared for, those leave in oils is just wonderful. L'Oreal Paris also have one called Extraordinary Oil.

Now, pros and cons:

pros: in one go, it gives the hair almost as deep violet as in the image.
there's a pre color and after care products inside the kit
the bottle with comb tip is helpful for DIY

the smell. oh my, it's really strong and it last for a day or two.

Will I use it again?
Yes! And I'll try different shade for sure, blonde again perhaps and this time I'll do it in an open air to help me get rid of the smell better during process.

Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris for this amazing product.


  1. hello. what color of ur hair before u dyed this color? bcs i wanna dye my hair using this color too and my hair color is light brown right now. i'm afraid i will fail

  2. my before hair color is dark brown.

    I think the lighter the hair color the better the result be as light hair color 'accepted' hair colorant better.

  3. i did dye my hair! and yes i really love the color. thanks to you:p btw how long the color stay in your hair??

  4. heehee good for you!! On me it stays longer than 3 months and I dyed another color then :D I think it last quite long and the color is just wonderful, loreal is definitely in the lead.