Monday, December 29, 2014

Sarange Automatic Pencil Jaljinae in Dark Brown

Hello lovelies,

this is my first product from Sarange, an automatic pencil for the brows.

I've tried to find as many information on their website, for details such as ingredients and so on, but found only:

It provides excellent grips for smooth, even, easy and accurate application.


Nevertheless, here's my review:

at first, and as usual, if this is the first product from a brand that I'm not familiar with, I'm skeptical. The packaging is as any other Korean brand makeup for the brow in automatic form, the first side is the 'pencil' and the other is the brush.

Everything works out well and when I see the shape of the 'pencil' it was similar to a very famous Japanese brand, but this one comes in an automatic form (very convenient indeed).


When I use it on the brow, I found that the texture to be soft and gives enough contour and definition to the brow without being too much or too less. And one surprising fact is the brush, it is very gentle and beats other in the same category. It felt so comfortable in fixing the brow and helps with the gradation beautifully.


The only minor thing is that, it is not waterproof nor water resistant.
It will last as long as there's no wiping, touching, or anything bothers it and with the 'dull' tip, it is better to use an eyeliner for the outer tips of the brows for that thin and fine or sharp edges.

Overall, a wonderful automatic pencil for the brows (in several shades) that provide a natural finish and soft brush applicator, as long as you don't mind about the minors, and this is the right product.

-Product available at Luxola Indonesia-

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