Wednesday, December 16, 2009

StarCruise Libra candy

If you have th
e chance to go on a cruise while in Singapore, StarCruise is not a bad choice. They have great food, show and I love how clean and professional they are. They still have a long way to go before become a luxurious cruise, but it is budget friendly and any family can enjoy. We took the KL-Phuket cruise. We touch the Phuket land, but not KL since we thought we've been there before so why bother, the Phuket trip is a bit rough on the edges since during heavy rain we need to wait more than an hour in rain to wait for our boat to come to get us to the ship, and yes, it's in the middle of the night.

The good news is, that's the only bad thing happen to us during the whole trip, so I give 4 out of 5 star.

The view of the beach in Phuket during sunset is really lovely, I see many Caucasian tourists here and I see they have a comfortable life here since everything here is in a relaxed atmosphere and a lot cheaper than their own country.

Many passengers I talked to said SuperStar Virgo is better, so perhaps someday instead of taking another Libra, I will choose Virgo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it, it's the best SPF I ever know. I bought it during my monthly facial time, this time it's in Babelicious, I got a 2x40$ voucher from Cozycot so I don't want to waste it and use it right away (because they got exp date too this
Dec'09). I get Ready for the Oscar treatment which consist of microdermabation and I top up 10$ for a very cold mask. I like the idea of non pushy sales and the calm environment, but I don't really like when the beautician face is too close during the treatment, I can smell her breath, it's kind a yucky for me, just like what my dentist do, yucky.Too close for comfort.

But there's still a lot of plus sign I found in Babelicious such as, quiet environment, hot electric blanket, and relaxed atmosphere. Most of all a very good quality product like my water-based SPF 50 sun block that cost $34, a well worth price.

Thank you

I love making review, it's just my calling. So when having a competition for doing reviews for their website I'm jumping with joy, I meant with hot plaster. I use them almost everyday due to hours in front of my computer daily, making hundreds of reviews. I went to restaurants, shops, anything and get my personal experience for my reviews. Some of them are fresh, some of them are digging result (memory digging). The result are clear, a sore and aching shoulder even at night during bedtime. But I'm not giving up, I've give my best and I got the 3rd prize, iPhone 3G, I'm so happy and jumping with joy again thinking that my hard work effort can be paid off.

I'm so over the top when I first using the iPhone, clueless and kind a careless, I'm just really happy. Until just a month during usage I got a hair raising bill and really not happy about it, the data usage is exorbitant. Be sure to change the data usage, turning off the 3G is not enough. And my first glitz, the email page could not be open so I have to contact the technical support, all I have to do is reset the phone and voila! It went back on and fine, another glitz couple weeks later, where somehow the wi-fi refuse to connect and I read at their forum many many ehm many other fellow iPhone user complain the same problem, oh no! I think I'm in a big problem, but just a day after it fixed by itself leaving me worry for nothing, I guess having pricey stuff required bigger heart, I meant a heart that is strong enough and money to solve the problems it bring, bummer.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hmm warm and soft

It's so good and sweet and it's just delicious. This cube bread is a new addition from Four Leaves bread, it comes in 2 flavors. A custard and a chocolate custard, my favorite is this sweet white custard. Better to eat it while it's still warm, the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread is a plus sign that increase the appetite gazillion times more.

What so great about this new bread is the design, design?? yup, it's clever! The custard is protected not exposed so the oozing aroma stays inside until you take a bite and feel the juice of custard from within. I can't have more, I need more, I want more....please.

A kiss or not to kiss

I still remember my first kiss, it's not as romantic and lovely as I want it to. In fact it is a beginning of a nightmare. Wrong person, wrong time, and most of all wrong person. A top playboy that think he is a know it all that actually knows nothing about love and sincerity. I guess not all people know what's the meaning of caring another person. Yes, love is a quest, a process, a journey, whatever you may put it, it is not the end, it is a beginning. We have to observe, learn, adapt, sometime even let our heart get broken and hurt in the process to found that perfect someone. But in the end it is worth every effort. Love is kind, protecting, forgiving, understanding and bearing everything, it's non conditional, and sincere.

We may have to go many unexpected series in life, my suggestion? Enjoy the ride and keep it cool, some thing not worth a fuss while the thing that we are waiting for will come by it self in the right time. Just like The Princess and the Frog from Disney newest collection.

Catch The Princess and the Frog in cinemas 10th December 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


why do you guys have to make it so yummy? I'm not try to complain really! But really every time I go to Paragon, I'll be sure to visit this food shop that not only sells pasta (as their main) but pizza, lasagna, delicious cakes, cupcakes and meringue. The colorful original one, I dislike the almond-more colorful-more new taste. It's the original sugar with white egg that really hit my sweet spot with Ooh :)

Must Try: Their chocolate banana cake, fancy cupcakes which I found worthy every penny (ehm dollar), and their pasta sauce.

Kids: You'll love the pasta even more with Disney character shapes like princess, pooh or Mickey and friends

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Between Tiger and the other

For me traveling is a delicacies in life where one thing for sure it is a privilege to be able to see different kind of culture and people. Indeed, like food some people have different taste so it's not for everyone. But back to me and me only, I love traveling and very grateful to be able to do so.

Nowadays traveling just getting easy and cheaper by the day, ups sorry by 6 months ahead. Yup it's a well known secret using budget airline and getting a steal deal means planning ahead, way ahead sometime.

So far I fly with Tiger, Jet/Valuair, and Airasia. Destination from Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and (not) beyond... as long it is still in South East Asia Region, why? with those stiff chair more than 3 and a half hour is a torture with capital T.

Okay, here's the ugly part, for me the first flight that get my star is Tiger Air, it's more comfortable and the price in urgent time in need is more valuable (as in CHEAPO) than the others, but Jet/Valueair also being competitive almost same price and get free a glass of water and a snack (like muffin/bread). So yup, for me AirAsia holding the lowest score, why?

1. On a 40 minute flight to KL I killed 2 flies with the safety manual, they seriously bothering me.
2. On a flight back to Singapore I killed another 2 flies inside the cabin.
3. No snack or drinks free on board and we are not allowed to eat our picnic basket meal.
4. Tiger and Jet/Valueair stewardess is prettier heehee.


if I happen to know what destination and date of preference I wanna go in the next 6-12 months, they price often unbeatable. Keep improving AirAsia!