Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank you InSing.com

I love making review, it's just my calling. So when inSing.com having a competition for doing reviews for their website I'm jumping with joy, I meant with hot plaster. I use them almost everyday due to hours in front of my computer daily, making hundreds of reviews. I went to restaurants, shops, anything and get my personal experience for my reviews. Some of them are fresh, some of them are digging result (memory digging). The result are clear, a sore and aching shoulder even at night during bedtime. But I'm not giving up, I've give my best and I got the 3rd prize, iPhone 3G, I'm so happy and jumping with joy again thinking that my hard work effort can be paid off.

I'm so over the top when I first using the iPhone, clueless and kind a careless, I'm just really happy. Until just a month during usage I got a hair raising bill and really not happy about it, the data usage is exorbitant. Be sure to change the data usage, turning off the 3G is not enough. And my first glitz, the email page could not be open so I have to contact the technical support, all I have to do is reset the phone and voila! It went back on and fine, another glitz couple weeks later, where somehow the wi-fi refuse to connect and I read at their forum many many ehm many other fellow iPhone user complain the same problem, oh no! I think I'm in a big problem, but just a day after it fixed by itself leaving me worry for nothing, I guess having pricey stuff required bigger heart, I meant a heart that is strong enough and money to solve the problems it bring, bummer.

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