Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation in Pearl Beige

Hello everyone,

this new item is also a new member at my blog, this is the first time I review Max factor.


FaceFinity, details from www.maxfactor.co.uk:

All-Day Flawless 3-IN-1 Foundation with SPF 20 has been designed with a primer and concealer built-in, to give your look durability. The primer gives a smooth, even base for hold. The concealer corrects for a flawless look and the foundation gives a light, flexible finish. Now you can be certain that they will match, because they’re built-in, so you can be sure of a gorgeous flawless finish all-day long. Believe in beauty that lasts and lasts.


And it comes in various shades

Mine is Pearl Beige.


This is my before picture, mini bumps, uneven skin tone, minor blemishes and fine lines. The skin is cleaned, toned, use serum and moisturized as well.

FaceFinity is a creamy foundation, concealer and primer in one, so I don't have to use primer and concealer again, plus the SPF 20 also a good addition for an all in one face base during the day or at night with all the spotlight going on.

The scent is fresh and delicate, I think I can go either with Pearl Beige or Light Ivory in terms of the shade. The texture of the foundation is a merit between liquid and creamy with a powdery finish.

I dabbed the foundation to 5 different areas and this time using fingers alone (which later I think can  be used with sponge or foundation brush).

A pump is enough for the whole face and neck area.

This is my after look, where the foundation has been distributed well. It has created an even skin tone all over the face, reflect lights (very useful during photo taking session), natural finish (not too dewy and not matte either), not sticky, in fact quite velvety to the touch, fills in the wrinkle and lines, so careful when put on large pores area as it will fill them like water to the pond.

Feels like powder once blended and soft too. Gives the skin an instant luminescence look, younger and less visible problems, almost 100% flawless. Almost? I still need to dab a bit more for under the eyes. The good news is the foundation also feels so light on the skin with buildable formula, so when I'm not satisfy with one or two part for their coverage, just dab a bit on that specific area for a 100% flawless look.

My final result after adding some powder, colors, falsies, and finishing powder for that finishing touch.

The makeup last for 6 hours without melting in normal daily activity, not running a marathon.

Overall, is it a good product? Yes, for being so heavy duty yet feels so light on the skin at the same time. For providing a primer, concealer and foundation with sun protection in a go still without being cakey and greasy. Giving medium coverage for an almost 100% flawless look or at least provide a base for a flawless look. Powder and colors does stay on better and longer thanks to this foundation as well.


  1. always loove ur review ;)

    aniwei, is this product available in jakarta?

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  3. Thank you AnGGiE,

    Yes the product is available in Jakarta :)

    Almost all the shades are available as well.

    1. Thanks to your review, i finally got my hands on this...kinda like it, but not too much, as it feels too dry on my face -__-

  4. Hi AnGGiE,

    Before application have you use your skincare first? Toner, pre-serum, serum, and moisturizer?
    Or perhaps just toner, serum and moisturizer?
    Or at least moisturizer?

    If you already put all your skincare it shouldn't be dry. If every skincare already put on, perhaps you may add some serum such as Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair on the foundation (just a couple drops will do) or True Facial Oil from Belif (2-3 drops max) and it will help the foundation to loosen up and adding a radiant glow on the skin.

  5. hello there, i have a question about the shade you have presented, is it more in yellow or kind of reddish tone? i have to buy it by ebay and there is no way i could find it out otherwise:)

  6. Thank you very very much!!