Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tsuya Skin

Hello babes,

Tsuya Skin is here. When I first now about this product, I thought it was a serum, actually it was a pre-serum, so it is used right after toner and before serum.

I've used several brands of pre-serum before and they did offer the same thing, a youthful look. Some works really well, while some seems so mild and perhaps too mild. Some specifically for lines/wrinkles, some for complexion, some for hydrating and some for other benefits. Let's see where Tsuya Skin stands.


Details from

tsuya skin

major discovery in cellular biology:
with age, skin cells are subject to "power cut"
the cells in an ideal skin have the power to naturally protect and restore its structural components day after day. with age, the skin's function for self-regeneration is subject to "power cut" causing skin structure depletion and cellular disorganization.
a miracle molecule to reactivate* the skin's "youth power switch"
inspired from "secret" of Enju flower's longevity & persistence, shu uemura research center selected Rhamnose, a high tech molecule able to reactivate the skin's youth power switch and awaken self-regeneration in all fundamental levels of the skin.

switch on skin's youth power for beautiful skin in just 7 days
flawlessly even and smooth skin texture. soft as a petal, plumped, toned, ideally translucent glowing skin. the ideal skin preparation for a beautiful make up.
*in vitro
I'm fascinated reading the details and very keen to try it on my skin. But first when I use google translate tsuya means shine. I think that have to do with the glow of the liquid. Glow?



It has that pinkish pearly glow that shines and radiates. So beautiful physically and so soft to the touch. The liquid is somewhere between gel and watery, like a dense dew. At first I'm not really noticing the smell, yes it's weird for someone like me who is a very scents-addict to forgot sniffing anything close to the nose, until Ms. Regina asked me about the scent.

Let's just say I've been really busy and distracted lately :D The smell of Tsuya Skin reminds me a lot of one particular fragrance from France and a huge hit in Paris. Clue:
That little black dress. And it last around 2 minutes ^__^ maybe that's why I forgot to noticed the scent . . . it fades almost immediately, but the effect? Last far longer of course.


This is the liquid after touched and spread, very glossy isn't it? But don't worry it will be drank by the skin. Even though the product is not recommended for those with oily skin, I think, in my personal opinion? All skin type can use this product (of course excluding anyone who is allergic to ingredients inside . . . a T&C like for ANY other product as well).

Why? The product is made as an anti aging in terms of waking up the skin's youth power, the ability to regenerate, like when we were young. Of course taking this 'note' the product is reserved for those who need the product, around 25 plus perhaps?!


Now, after gently massaging the skin, the fluid will be absorbed by the skin and leaves nothing greasy, oily, or any unwanted residue. During the first 3 days I've noticed the skin's moisture is getting better. Suppler and softer when touched. Like there's a dewiness on the skin but it's dry to the touch in a sense that they are not wet/oily. Glistening and looks healthy. Like plump all over again due to the moisture boost.

In a week, the skin become more translucent, glow in radiant and stress-free. Makeup wise, I use less coverage now, so the tsuya can gleam and eradiate.

I'm still using the product as we speak and looking forward for more result.

This is my look right now.


A bit eyeliners (so I wont look like just waking up), colored contact lenses, and a newly colored hair :D
No powder/foundation on the skin. Cleaned, Toned, Tsuya, Serum and Moisturizer.

I'm using various brands with Tsuya and so far they work well together. I hope I can try with other Shu Uemura's product for a synchronized collaboration. Maybe someday \^0^/

And this is my look after using makeup, which was taken yesterday on an event.

Don't you think the makeup  just covering a wonderful skin beneath?!


diligently using the pre-serum,

I'm waiting for flawless, even skin tone, smoother effect as well. I'll be using the product until finished and enjoying the moments of transformation.

Overall, expect a glowing and radiance skin, dewy and plump after a continuous usage (minimum 7 days). Use 2x daily after toner and before serum.


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