Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ZAP Alam Sutra

Hello babes,

yesterday I went to ZAP at Alam Sutra

Alam Sutra – Tangerang
Ruko Alam Sutra Town Center
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard 10B No.31 – Tangerang
(021)-3306 4040


I'm not a regular in the neighborhood so I'm not familiar but the location, here's some clue, it is right across Living World and in front of a Karaoke place.


Here it is. Bigger than the one in Belleza and Woltermonginsidi. For me it's like a comfy hotel. Let's look inside.


The walls are decorated in green and white tiles. On the first floor the guest can sit down and wait for their friends or families whose having a treatment.

I hope soon there's a cafe here so waiting wont be an issue.


Or walk around outside and there's Dapur Coklat in the neighborhood plus coffee shops. I love the clean atmosphere, perhaps because it is new, but I hope they keep it like this, nice and tidy but more seats please on the first floor :)


I went on the second floor for my treatment, this is my 4th Brazilian and underarms IPL. I've been went through  4 different experiences:

- After first IPL the number of hair decreasing is highly significant and the 'pain' also the most from all the other session I've been since there's still so much hair. What I meant by pain is the sharp feeling when the IPL lighted the area. Like ant bites.
- On the second session which is exactly during PMS my skin is more sensitive and the staff have to reduce the power.
- Exactly on this session I know fast is better, instead of kept asking me every single zap, I requested the staff to keep on moving and it all end faster and the result for me are better as well, the 'pain' as in ant bites are gone after a second so actually I can tolerate why they say painless. And on the 3rd session as well I've noticed the hair grew longer than before, less is definitely in terms of quality but seems longer.
-This is my 4th session, the hair become less and less, on the underarm area the hair was become finer and finer and almost all out. While on the other hand the private area seems to taking it slow. So far 50% reduced is visible, but still have a lot, maybe I'm just hairy.


Yesterday I got a chance to look at three rooms here. One with private toilet and shower room while 2 are rather smaller.

All equipped with a clean bed and small pillow.

Mirrors, fridge, machine and TV.


Customer don't have to bring anything here, a clothe is provided during treatment, but if you're having cold feet (literally and due to anxiety) socks is very comfy during Brazilian. You may bring some toys as well to calm down the nerves. I know I'm nervous even thou has gone through this several time, dunno why, it's not that painful, it's just worry.

Although, on the fourth session I find the place much more comfortable than the one in Belleza or Woltermonginsidi, this place like a comfy hotel for me.


Relaxing and calming too. I think this branch is my favorite for IPL ^__^ while the one in Woltermonginsidi is my favorite for Beauty Treatments thanks to the pretty doctors and Belleza for Ms. Ayun, my first IPL was with her and she fast as in A.S.A.P, I like her work.


Ooohh the fridge, I love the gel when it is super duper cold as it numbs the area and I can go with higher power thanks to the freezing gel.


Each room is accompanied with all the appliance and important 'ingredients', but my favorite amenities is ...

TV has successfully made any treatment went on faster and sometime I wish the treatment last longer so I can watch my favorite show longer ^__^

Thanks for the cable and wide selection of channel, I'm enjoying my self here.

The result of my fourth session, I've noticed the hair become less and less and I can't wait for my 5th, the cold gel definitely handy and I'll request the coldest one on next treatment and I've noticed the underarm area has become fairer than ever before.

Love it!

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