Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Au Revoir Magnifique

Bonjour dames!

This item is called Magnifique, a perfume by Lancome. The red eau de parfum is ... magnifique in terms of color, aura and the bottle too. Now does it have au revoir in front of the name? Nope, I put it there since it is discontinuing.

I've been having it for months and starting to really enjoy being magnifique \^0^/  and now, they are disappearing. Bummer!

The perfume I must admit, it's not a scent that easily fall in love too, at least by me. The first spritz reminds me of something woody and oriental at the same time. Almost like one brand of pesticide, in fact. But when it's soften, after more than 30 minutes (or so) the flowers will start emerging and blossoming. Very aromatic and fragrant.

I love the crisp and strength yet fully understood it's the fragrance you either love it or hate it, there's no middle way.

After the scent settling down the gorgeousness will commence blooming like roses during summer to fall and create this lovely ambiance in the air. The sandalwood gives a sense of depth and many many ingredients create an atmosphere suitable enough to be called magnifique!

On me the scent last for hours and hours.

Close the curtain, Magnifique is leaving, the show is over.

(Audience applauding)

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