Thursday, February 7, 2013

Revlon Eye CustomEyes Shadow & Liner 025


Another makeup from Revlon Indonesia called Custom Eyes and mine is in 025 Metallic Chic.

Details from
Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner allows you to easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and 1 liner. For dramatic eye popping looks like never before! Available in a new summer shade Beach Beauty.
Use the wider side to cover the eye area in shadow and the pointed end to apply the liner shade.
Sweet Innocence: For a special effect, dust shade 1 or 4 under the bottom of the eyes to create a soft halo effect.
Party Pops: When wearing bright shadows, keep face and lips understated. Opt for soft, sheershades that let your eyes take center stage.
Naturally Glamorous: For a natural look in the evening just intensify your daytime look. Lips and cheeks can go darker and more shimmer can be added to the eyes.
Metallic Chic: Mixing metals is a chic trend giving eyes a fashion forward look.
Rich Temptations: Mixing purples and green on eyes creates a contrast that makes eyes pop.  
Smoky Sexy: Create a smoky rim around eyes with the pointed end of applicator, concentrating at the lash line for a perfect smoky eye 

Yes, yes, I heard you, this is not a new product, I have this for months and months now hence the old pics heehee, present speaking of course it is not as pretty as shown. A lot of hand and finger prints.

So why bother showing you the used and abused product, here is the nice one haha!

At the first glance I'm not really a fan of the colors but somehow it does create some pretty exciting combination and unique looks.

with 2,3 and 4

Giving me a fresh look and far from boring conventional makeup.
And 1 and 5 (below)

for a more classic look.

So far I think the product works quite well to be used with or without primer, the primer will help the shadows to set and last longer, while without the particles will 'fall' easier.

Hmm, for liner-wise, I still prefer the conventional liner as they made a more refined look.

Overall it is an affordable product with choices of colors and ideas. 5 shades per box is pretty decent and the shades are mixable. Best to be used with a small brush or sometime the ends of my fingers.

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