Friday, February 1, 2013

Hair Energy (Kiwi Extract), Proteline, KaritexSpa Nourishing Mask.

Hi everyone,
As I have a multicolored processed hair, treatment is important. Treatments in salons and treatments at home to make sure the hair gain nutrition or at least feels soft and smooth, radiant and tangle free to reduce breakage.

There are many products out there and I'm always looking for the one that either best seller, long time favorite, new items or those with unique features.

Today I picked one from Makarizo, L'Oreal Professionnel and Alfaparf.

Here are the reviews.

Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract for colored hair by Makarizo. Now, who doesn't know this one, almost any gal locally at least used it once. Been in the distribution zone for years, maybe around 5 years and famous for it's . . .  smell.

Details from

Hair Energy with Kiwi Extract for Rebonded, Colored and Permed Hair

Formulated for hair that has undergone chemical processes like rebonding, perming, coloring and bleaching.Kiwi extract is useful to give hair the nutrition it needs for chemically treated hair.
It also acts as an antioxidant that protects hair.
Kiwi extracts contains Vitamin C, E and Kalium to keep moisture of the hair balanced and leaves hair shiny and soft to the touch.

I know and used on and off over the years and found the product to be quite fun. Fun? Yes, the product doesn't really repairs the damage on the hair it's just adding some softness, a low-medium detangling effect and wonderful fruity scent. It's like conditioner but with a whole lotta fruity perfume added. Doesn't see nor feel any significant long term effect for my colored processed hair. And if not rinse well, can be quite sticky and the hair will easily goes limp within ours. While other products here are easier to be rinse with normal temp water and doesn't cause any limps and weight.

Suitable for those with normal to dry hair. And those who are addicted to the scent, I know I do :)

In Indonesia it was used like a creambath or when feeling lazy like a hair mask. Use after shampooing, massage them well on hair tresses, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, best with steamer and rinse everything well. I think all the products here can be used the same way.


Proteline, one of the items I've know for decades and used to be very famous. Smells weird, like medics. I don't mean smell bad, just weird. Like a mix between cough syrup and floral cocktail, oh well, you'll understand once trying it.

It does give the hair smoothness, but not completely easy to comb. Easier, but not 100% tangle free. As the parts that was broken do looks better, thicker and like nourished, coated with added shine. But for my deeply coarse hair, I need something more.

I enjoy the light and fresh weightless feeling afterward.
This product suitable for those with naturally dry hair condition, but wont be satisfying for over processed chemically dry hair.  Mildly processed like colored, permed or just let say, went through 1-2 chemical processed will still able to find happiness with Proteline.

A thick white creamy product that is enough for my medium-long hair and smells comforting and aquatic, a bit manly but still lovely at the same time. Used after shampooing and toweled dry hair. The cream feels really thick but like sticks on the hair strands, instantly the hair feels so soft and smooth. This is my favorite amongst these three. It have a lovely marine scent, does help the hair to manage the dryness, chemically dryness as well, repairs some damage (not completely but it shows some repair action), add shine and vibrant to the colored processed hair.

The hair regain a bit more strength and do seems healthier than before. This is an item that gives the very damaged hair it's needs, protection, nourishment, detangling action, smoothness, softness, shines and smells great too.

Suitable for lifeless, very dry, brittle, and damaged hair from chemical process.

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