Monday, February 18, 2013

Etude House Eraser Show Mascara Cleaner

Ooohhh, another product from Etude House with the theme Eraser Show.

This is a mascara cleaner, a specific product for cleaning the mascara.

I love their choices of designs, colors and even the fonts used. It's like the ultimate cuteness in terms of packaging, like there's a team of people specially form just to figure out the packaging and how to make it eye catching and so pretty ^__^

The Mascara Cleaner shaped almost like a mascara, with white liquid inside and flexible rubbery top. There's a small grids so the lashes have places to sneaks in and making sure the cleanser does the job better.

Here's a video of me using the product.


I guess it pretty sums up my review. I like the soft flexible tool and white gooey cleanser but it is still messy, visible seen on the upper lids when the cotton is cleaning the mascara, the liquid spread. But on the other hand the Mascara Cleaner does do their job well in removing the mascara from the lashes. The tools also helps cleaning the mascara all the way to the roots when usually hard to reach. The white gooey liquid is skin friendly and around the eyes too.  Perfect for specific usage, but if using a full makeup, I still prefer a cleansing oil to clean everything in a  go. Maybe I use the product when there's still some leftovers by conventional method.

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