Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray Ultra Extra Strength

Hello ladies,

yes, this post is made specially for female only. It's Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray. I've been a fan of Summer's Eve from their Cleansing Wash and Douche, I think so far they are the best in freshness and quality.

This particular product has been with me for years as well. The product controls odor, gynecologist tested, and hypoallergenic.


Directions: Intended for use on your external vaginal area or anywhere on your body you want to feel fresh. Shake well, remove cap. Hold can 8-12 inches away from area to be sprayed. For additional protection, also spray on feminine pads, panties or any undergarments.

In USA the product has developed into new packaging and comes in various scent, this one is still the original and smells flowery wonderful. I love to spray it everywhere and turns away any odor anytime of the day. It gives a mild refreshing sensation as well and dryness.

During period the smell sometime unbearable plus the humidity doesn't help either. Some pads do have odor protection but for me it's not enough. Also remember to change your pad during period at least 4 times a day (recommended by a gynecologist). Food such as garlic will increase body odor as well. But I refuse to spare some garlic from my diet due to many benefits, so I use this one instead and tackle all the odor, not just the one at the feminine area, but underarm too.

Does it  works like a deodorant? On me not really, I still sweats but it helps tackling the odor.


Use the whole products from Summer's Eve from the douche, cleansing wash and even cleansing cloth for an all over clean, fresh and smell good too. For me Summer's Eve is a modern way of keeping the feminine area feels good and confident with real quality I can trust.



  1. OMG I've started using Summer's Eve and love it too! ^_^ lucunya, kok nga ada yg spray ini ya di sini, di aussie... hmm... di indo bisa dapet di mana2?

  2. Hi Dana,

    I've been using Summer Eve's for years and years, they have the best everything, unfortunately I can't find them in Indo anymore, I found them when I'm still in Singapore and now kept going back and forth for my stocks.