Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Between Lancome BB Complete, L'Oreal Paris BB Max and Maybelline BB Cream

Hi all!

Lately I have been reviewing some blemish balm on the market and some are even brand new. Here are my reviews regarding the products.

L'Oreal BB Max: HERE.

Maybelline BB Cream Clear Smooth : HERE.

Lancome BB Complete : HERE.

But today, I want to do a comparison review on three of them. I do this since most of the time many people surround me (incl you) are asking, "Okay, I'm using this brand now, is it better than that brand?". And some added description can only be observed when we put them together to see what's different between them

Start with packaging. The design of L'Oreal BB Max is more luxurious while Lancome BB Complete is simpler and 'cleaner'. I can's say anything about Maybelline BB Cream since the one I have is only sample size. The tip of L'Oreal BB Max is better than Lancome for being less messy and more precise.

The texture: L'Oreal BB Max and Lancome BB Complete have almost the same texture, but if you look closely, L'Oreal BB Max is slightly (just a tad) thicker and Maybelline BB Cream is the most fluid between them.

The color: L'Oreal BB Max and Lancome BB Complete had an almost same tone (but when spread later you can see the mild differences) which is like a grey-ish tone. While Maybelline BB Cream is more like nude skin color tone.

Scent: Amazingly again, L'Oreal BB Max and Lancome BB Complete smell almost the same and Maybelline BB Cream smell like my painting art color. Really they smell just like that. Well maybe, they just unscented so the natural scent smell as it is.

Sun Protection: L'Oreal BB Max and Lancome BB Complete stays up there with SPF 50 UVB and UVA PA +++ while Maybelline BB Cream contains SPF 26 PA+++

Tone selection: Only Lancome BB Complete provide 2 option. Lighter, which is pinkish, and warmer tone for a nude natural look.

Now as I spread the three of them, I can see more differences. L'Oreal BB Max and Lancome BB Complete is softer and smoother compared to Maybelline BB Cream texture. And now please do take a look at the tone.

L'Oreal BB Max looks warmer than Lancome BB Complete that seems fairer. The difference is not much but funny thing thou' later on Lancome BB Complete able to blend in with my natural skin tone after a while.

L'Oreal BB Max and Maybelline BB Cream stays to their tone and will not adjusted into my natural skin tone. I'm not saying this is bad or good, it's just a preference for customer to choose.

This is the picture after I blend it on my skin. L'Oreal BB Max and Lancome BB Complete is easier to blend in compared to Maybelline BB Cream, but overall it's a matter of selection and all three have a fairly good coverage ability.

Last but not least is the price. Maybelline BB Cream Clear Smooth is the most affordable, followed by L'Oreal BB Max then Lancome BB Complete. But Lancome BB Complete have another ingredients that in the long run of usage will benefit the skin condition.

All three need to be clean using double cleansing for it's sun protection and makeup function. Use a cleansing milk with cotton or rinse with water (if possible) then followed by cleansing foam. Or use a cleaning oil like from Shu Uemura which doesn't need double cleansing.

Tips: All three of them can be applied better using a brush for liquid foundation to achieve a smoother look. Use them little by little and graduate for added coverage, no need to go overboard since BB cream was used for 'natural' look, if you use too much, you can easily look cakey.

Wait for the BB cream to sits in before applying more makeup, like loose powder or color. Any BB Cream best to be used with loose powder of your own natural shade.

These are my looks using different BB Cream

L'Oreal BB Max: HERE.               Lancome BB Complete : HERE.

Maybelline BB Cream Clear Smooth : HERE.

Thank you for reading and see you again soon ^__^


  1. I got a sample of Maybelline's from a magazine, and the tone (01) doesn't match my skin at all! LOL. When it's on my face, it looks like I use a mask or something. So not natural. XD
    Now I don't know how can I use the rest of the sample. :P

  2. Haha! I got mine from a magazine too, Girlfriend rite?

    You can blend it with your foundation, they should be able to 'tame' the color.