Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Givenchy Gelée D’Interdit in Explosive Raspberry

A dazzling glaze on the lips and it gives me a sensual feeling with a ripe glossy sheer of red raspberry. Yes, it's Givenchy Gelee D'Interdit in Explosive Rspberry (5)

This would be a journey to that gorgeous lips that you probably looking for, but first let's hear some details I get regarding the product, courtesy of harrods.com:
  • Offering a soft, sheer veil of colour, Givenchy’s Gelée D’Interdit is a brand-new sensation for your pout. With a soothing, balm-like texture and glossy finish, this luscious, wax-free formula coats lips with a crystallised coverage of lively and playful colours.
  • Gelée D’Interdit in Explosive Raspberry
  • Balm texture and glossy finish
  • Wax-free formula
The wax free formula is the secret of the super comfortable feeling.

Let's see how it work ^__^

First as usual a naked lips with nothing on it

Then start with lower lips, I glide the brush with ease and it feels really good and fragrant. It felt so luxurious!

This is my final look a smooth glossy lips with a sheer redness. So perfect to be used alone for a nude look and as top layer after a boring lipstick. It's totally kissable! And the smooth sailing experience is a big bonus, beyond any balm can do.

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