Monday, May 7, 2012

Mamechiyo for Shu Uemura Collection


Hi all, how are you today?

I'm blogging in a cool morning now, it's heavily rain in my part of town and it was scary looking at those dark clouds and living on the up most building in the neighborhood, I can see it all. Now, the collection I'm going to show you is all the contrary of those dark clouds, imagining a beautiful pink flowery spring is here and yes, lot's of pinks, be prepared for the girl in you to jump out and say "万歳"

The galore of the event in Senayan City at Shu Uemura's counter is just かわいい and inspiring in the same time. Mamechiyo is the one choosen by Shu Uemura for these gorgeous collection. Now in Indonesia working together with Raffles Design Institute, they are making Kimono.

This is the invitation, if you follow my blog on facebook you've seen it right ^__^ and probably come as well. Yes dears, every open invitation I get, I'll be sure to share it will you all.

The highlight of the show beside the kimono's that need our voting, please make your way --> HERE and pick the one you really adore. Now, okay, the other highlight of the show is Mr. Hendrix Sakura Spring Makeup Demo. He looks neat and his creation on her looks artistic. Fancy to wear a kimono now?

Oh yes, no way coming here without looking at these gorgeous products and their new designs. You do aware this is not the first time Shu Uemura collaborating with an artist for a limited items right?

So Mamechiyo isn't the first, btw, let's find out who is she?

Details from

who is mamechiyo

extracting the essence of tradition and re-creating a contemporary new style with edge, mamechiyo is a modern kimono artist, an enchantress of the kimono. from childhood, she dreamed of becoming an apprentice geisha. she started to work in second-hand shops to pursue her attraction to kimono. fascinated with reviving antiques and adding the essence of the 21st century, mamechiyo creates high fashion kimono for women who adore fun and beauty. mamechiyo has always been fascinated by the intricate and delicate patterns used in traditional kimono and always imagined how the work of old kimono craftsmen would translate to modern times. what kind of creations are possible?
mamechiyo's world is one that is free and infinite, depending on your creativity; your world will spread from the past to the present and into the future bringing a life full of dreams and the spirit of contemporary Tokyo to your universe.

Find out more about Fuji, Sakura, Botan and Ume here:

Beside the collection I've got to try some of must have items from Shu Uemura. The BB Mouse and DeepSea Water Facial Mist (I try the one in mint). Represent all the products of Shu Uemura, precision and passion are the ingredients in them.

Stay tune for more products review and event from Shu Uemura, right here on my blog ^__^


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