Monday, May 28, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent 20 Years of Touche Eclat

Hi \^0^/ beautiful!

Here's a glimpse of the event Yves Saint Laurent just have yesterday, it was classic, sophisticated and luxurious.

Touche Eclat has been serving us for 20 full years. Giving us a glowing highlights on our face, making dark shading so old school and enhance our angles for more beautiful looking face.

Above picture: Ms. Alia Karina showing all of us how to use Touche Eclat and apply in many different places.

Then I took my picture with the famous Touche Eclat, next is Mr. Giovanni, a photographer for YSL Ladies. He says Touche Eclat help creating the signature look of each of YSL Ladies. Minimal editing and gorgeous result that only YSL beauty products can achieve.

These are the extravagant collections of Mr.Giovanni photos of the YSL Ladies and arrays of YSL beauty products.

My eyes is on the skin care. Forever Youth Liberator. Please do read more about it ---> HERE and get to know more about Glycanactif, the molecule inside our body that help regeneration of skin cells so the skin regain its glow and look younger.

Details by

Inspired by Glycobiology:

The Science of the Future

After DNA and stem cells, Glycobiology is recognized as one of the breakthrough sciences of the future. Awarded 7 Nobel Prizes, Glycobiology provides deeper understanding of the body’s biological mechanisms.
Glycobiology is the study of glycans, molecules which are naturally present in the skin. Glycans are responsible for directing communication between cells, ensuring that they send and receive the messages required for optimal performance. Without glycans, cellular communication breaks down and the body cannot properly function.

Then I try the item that deserve the spotlight for being a success for 20 years.

Touche Eclat! Please do read the press release ---> HERE.

The before picture is on below part while the bigger image is me with Touche Eclat. The shine and glow are unedited. It was pure cosmetics ^__^ Touche Eclat enhancing all the angles and natural beauty plus curve that I have, creating a more shaped form of what we like to call, beautiful!

Do you see my lips? I bet you did! It is

Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain

It's so bold and the color just pop out beyond any color ever touch my lips before. The feeling is sensual and I know why they are a big hit, a bright solid red that none can compare. YSL also told me that this item is a big hit and in this color as well. Whether your fair or dark skin tone, anyone an use this color, and flaunt it with style!

Wanna know which shade I'm using? Head down to any of YSL counter and ask the lovely staff about the bright reddest color that everyone's talking about ^__^

I will share with you more on using Touche Eclat later on, so stay tune and thank you so much Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia for inviting me to the event.

See you soon!

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