Wednesday, May 9, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner 24H for Numerous Looks

Hi all!

I'm making another review for these products that I've been having for quite some time. L'Oreal Paris has develop a lot of waterproof/stay on products for our busy schedule, and this waterproof gel eyeliner is just one of the,

I'm thanking my sister as the model. It's just easier using her so I can take pics and do this at the same time.

This is her naked face. She doesn't allowed me to trim her busy eyebrows, girls, trimming is important ya, no need overdoing it, just a natural look will do.

As you can see as well her eyes aren't exactly similar, which is normal and many people have the same condition. Her left eye have an eyelid while her right doesn't. Oh yes, remember that left and right direction is from her side. That 'Before' word is on her right side.

This is the product that gonna be my highlight of this article. As you can see I have 2 of them. One still unopened and the other have been used for quite some time. A pot last really long, it's been more than 6 months now. Brush is included.

The brush is gentle but you might need to practice using it. The gel is kinda stick and not liquid, it's more like a paste. And don't forget to play a bit on your the back of your hand before applying to your eye's area. As seen a gentle stroke create a thin line as well. Today I'm going to show you some dramatic eyes looks that is so easy with SuperLiner 24H.

I just stroke the liner thicker and create some kind of a tail for that famous cat look. Remember on the edge you want to point it upwards so it help lifting up your overall facial expression.

It can be as a seductive or as mild as you want it to be. Keep applying for a bolder look.

On her right eye, I'm going to create something different, a design that will make her eyes looks rounder and bigger.

As seen, every lid is different, this one is hardly unnoticeable. So do your trial and error prior any important dates or event ya.

Since the right eye doesn't have visible lids like the one on the left, the look can be totally different. Observe your own condition and create that uniquely yours look.

I add more height and level

Until it become visible when she open her eyes. The right design made her eye looks bigger than the cat-eye-left-side.

Then let's do the lower side. Start from the left side. You can easily overdo it and there you go, Cleopatra in the making, this look is perfect if you're performing but it was considered an old makeup style.

Therefore always prepare some cleaning aids. Gentle from L'Oreal Paris paired up with cotton buds is your friend.

After making the lower left side 'leaner', I made the right side more 'current' and 'in'. Just half the eye side and add a bit more tail. Again always point the tail upward, without being a cat eye, make it halfway to the top and close it with the liner from above.

This look is actually finished, you just need to choose which design you want, the cat eye or the natural bigger eye. But if you think they are too dramatic, bold and well, black. Try this trick with eye shadows.

I have Star Search from L'Oreal Paris as well. This is not new, they do have the new range for eye shadows.

Pay attention, I gave numbers to the colors so later you can easily see where I put them.

This is the exact same eyes with liners that I've done, I just added some eye shadows in this formation:

Their product do blend well together and easily masked a bold eye liner for a more colorful and softer look. The left side where I use 1,2, and 4 is dominantly green (4). Please remember it is still a dramatic look, you can easily use a brush and blend everything gently so you have a more subtle daily use.

The right side I make some kind or rainbow layers, it was really fun to play with the colors, you can blend it or just leave it like that. Nowadays makeup style is far more forgiving and you can freely create your own signature look, the key is just be true to your self.

Final review:

The SuperLiner 24H can really stay whole day, but if they haven't dry during the application, they still can smudge, so please do wait for them to dry completely. If you happen to have sweaty eye lids like mine or my sister, it still can smudge due to humidity and warm sweat as well. So check your look occasionally when it is hot out there.

If you practice using the brush and master it, you will be pleased with varieties of look it can do. I really consider this product very affordable, the whole pot can be used for months and months and months and many many many styled eyes. Don't forget to clean the brush after each use so the brush stays soft, the harden gel is pretty solid.

You can make fake tattoo as well on the other part of your body with SuperLiner 24H. Last but not least for cleaning, you can use Gentle or cleansing oils.


  1. Hai... :)
    Thanks bgt postnya secara eyeliner yg skr uda mau abis dan lg mau coba eyeliner lain..

    Kalo bole inpo2, L'Oreal Paris Super Liner 24H ini ada brp warna? brown ada ga? dan brp si harganya? hehe.. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. Hi Jeannette (wow gorgeous name),

    As far as I know it only comes in black, and price-wise I get mine as a gifts from L'Oreal Singapore, I've been told that it was around Rp.100.000 but for exact number, please do ask L'Oreal Indonesia for the price here in Indonesia :) @LorealParisID