Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Biosource Skin Perfection Hydra-perfecting Cleanser By Biotherm

Hi gorgeous!

It's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining bright and feed us with it's energy. It's time to clean our face and make them ready to greet the day. I love this product which gives me a smooth and supple skin in a go.

Biosource Skin Perfection Hydra-Perfecting Cleanser from Biotherm.

Details from biothermsg.com

Biosource Skin Perfection
Hydra-perfecting Cleanser

Infused with blue
micro-beads of vegetable origins to deeply cleanse
and purify.

The cleanser's texture is creamy, white with bright blue spots and easily lathered up and turn into this rich foam. I use it on my damp face. The foam is so fragrant and it's like Biotherm's signature to always smells great.

The cleanser cleans every dirt, sweat, and everything (excluding waterproof makeup). I really like the clean sensation, and it was amazing. Clean to the cleanest but my face doesn't feel dry. It was almost squeaky but the new fresh hydration is there. A total refreshing moments for me.

The beads are small and gives me a gentle scrubbing motion, due to my sensitive skin, I use it like once every two days, while normal skin can use daily and loving it. Unlike other beaded cleanser which is too drying and painful for my skin, Biotherm's Biosource Skin Perfection Hydra-Perfecting Cleanser is perfect and just lovely.

Use it with the rest of the range and you'll be splurge with wonderful hydrating sensation that only Biotherm can give.

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