Monday, May 7, 2012

A Simple Nail Tutorial

Hi all!

This tutorial is mainly for my sister who couldn't even do this super simple look XD it's not yet a nail art but she is overwhelmed. Let's start with a basic, a nude color for the base and it can be your daily french manicure look. But when you're going to a party, let's bling it a big but without the superstar extravaganza.

By glitz it up at the tip only. Sparkles is just lovely but those whose been using a lot of nail color understand the difficulty of cleaning it up, let's just say 2-3 times more difficult that cleaning just a color. So using only at the tips made the look a bit more glamour without the fuss.

Carefully put the sparks on a fully coated nude colored nails, you do able to use just about any color you wish and by trial and error you might surprise yourself. Now regarding the sparks, you wont get that thick on a go, you might want to repeat several times. The longer your nails are the better the result is and stick only on the white part, if you put to much space, it'll make your nails look shorter aka not nice.

Happy trying! And I told you it's simple ^__-