Wednesday, May 23, 2012

L'Oréal Paris UV Perfect BB Max SPF50+ PA+++

Hi there beautiful!

I'm back with another blemish balm. This one is from L'Oreal Paris which called: L'Oréal Paris UV Perfect BB Max SPF50+ PA+++.

I can't find any details from the website, so it pretty much all the details I got from the box, okay ^__^

Said on the back of the packaging:

The formula provides your skin with maximal UV Perfect Protection with high photostability of the patented Meroxyl TM SX/XL filtering system, skin is 12H**protected against UVA/UVB. Help preventing brown spots, skin darkening, and premature ageing. Anti pollution active ingredients: Detoxyl. Anti-free radical barrier: Anti-Oxydant Complex and Activa-Cell, shielding DNA cells, elastin and collagen fibers. Hydrates skin all day long. Enriched with Color Equalizer Technology.

Now, here come the review.

First of all I like the high SPF there and protection against UVA and UVB. There are a bit of powdery feeling, but it was soft and smooth in texture. The fragrant is somewhat reminds me of Nivea and their sunblock. The tone is fairer than my skin complexion and I'm considered myself having fair skin (like usually when buying cosmetics I always 01)

It faded all the redness and help with my complexion. Large pores, fine lines, and other stuff do seems less visible. But the tone is a bit unnatural for me, I thought it would settle after a while, but it doesn't. Nevertheless if you are looking for an instant fairer look, even complexion and smoother skin, you will love this BB Max by L'Oreal. The Color Equalizer also claims to help the discolorations of yellowish, brown and reddish.

This is the final look for better comparison and the matte finish is also a bonus point. Don't forget to clean properly at the end of the day since it does have sun protection so double cleansing is needed. Double cleansing = cleansing milk then followed by facial foam.

*Double cleansing is needed for after using any products contains sun protection. Since all sun protection products contain chemical that is need to be removed after used.


  1. iam not happy as it looks like my face is painted with a brownish colour paint.

  2. hi Anon,

    The result may vary, depends on your natural skin color. Don't use it if it's (or any product) is not suitable for you.